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  • Spiramid - Industrial Hygiene Software

    Spiramid - Industrial Hygiene Software

    Spiramid provides the most complete industrial hygiene software available on the market. Our staff of CIH and IH professionals from our user community has continuously improved on our application since 1996, ensuring that our clients receive the best most up to date software to implement into their business.

  • Spiramid - Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Software

    Spiramid - Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Software

    Spiramid is the trusted, tried and true method for implementing EHS software into your business. When it comes to health and safety of your employees and company, your EHS software should provide you with every important applicable feature that state of the art technology can offer. Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) software is compatible with any device and readily able to provide you with everything you need in a collecting and management...

  • Spiramid - Incident Tracking Software

    Spiramid - Incident Tracking Software

    Spiramid provides the most complete Incident Management software available on the market. Our application has continuously improved on by a staff of CSPs and Safety Professionals from our User Community since 1996.

  • Spiramid - Health and Safety Assessment Software

    Spiramid - Health and Safety Assessment Software

    Spiramid is well aware of the fact that the safety and health of your employee’s are the key elements of running your business successfully. When you employees are fit and feel safe in their working environment that your company provides, they will perform well and help the overall growth of your business. Taking this into consideration, Spiramid offers a Health and Safety Assessment software that will aid you in detecting any quality control...

  • Spiramid - Integrated Disability Software

    Spiramid - Integrated Disability Software

    The Disability Management module is designed to reduce the amount of data entry required to manage a person’s disability management case. Because SHE-MIS is an Integrated System we are able to have incident data and non-private medical data automatically linked to each case. Additionally, Case Managers can be provided security to manage the loss time and cost tracking. The collaborative entry of data eliminates the double entry of...

  • Spiramid - Electronic Medical Records Software

    Spiramid - Electronic Medical Records Software

    Spiramid’s comprehensive electronic medical records software will allow you to feel secure in your choice because of our amazing efficient, and secure system. Whatever your need for recording medical information using electronic medical records software, Spiramid can offer you piece of mind knowing that your records are in safe and capable hands. A proven system that works for the benefit of your business can be, thanks to Spiramid.

  • Spiramid - Medical Software Programs

    Spiramid - Medical Software Programs

    Here at Spiramid we understand the huge undertakings that medical professional must under go daily. Their contributions to society are massive, and often times made more difficult by inefficient systems. We understand the need for better functionality when it comes to accessing data that is crucial in the medical field, which is why Spiramid offers a wide variety of medical software programs. Not only will there be improvement the quality, and...

  • Spiramid - Safety Management Software

    Spiramid - Safety Management Software

    Under the umbrella for the term Safety Management Software, or health and safety software, there are several varieties of separate modules or components that address the every day safety functions of any business. Functions that typically involve the guidelines that need to be followed according to OSHA standards and practices.

  • Spiramid - Occupational Health Software

    Spiramid - Occupational Health Software

    Integrating OHS software may seem like a difficult task; like insurmountable odds are against your endeavors to comply with a mountain of regulations. The goal of OHS is not to make it hard on the company, but to ensure that every member of your team is accounted for and made to feel like they are working in the safest environment imaginable.

  • Spiramid - MSDS  Management Software

    Spiramid - MSDS Management Software

    This is not your ordinary MSDS Management software.  When Spiramid decided to add the MSDS module to the SHE-MIS’ suite of integrated EH&S modules, our focus was to take advantage of the existing components to reduce the need for double entry.  This has resulted in a streamlined management of MSDSs as well as a tight interaction with other SHE-MIS modules. The MSDS module comes complete with the standard features seen in most MSDS...