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Spire has developed, manufactured and marketed highly engineered products and services for a wide range of commercial markets including energy manufacturing equipment, biomedical devices and optoelectronic components. Spire is the leading supplier in the design and manufacture of specialized equipment for producing photovoltaic solar modules. Spire also manufactures, designs and installs high quality photovoltaic systems and components. Spire’s value-added biomedical processing services offer surface treatments to enhance the durability or antimicrobial characteristics of orthopedic and other medical devices.

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One Patriots Park , Bedford , MA 2396 USA

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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With over 35 years of experience in the solar business and a strong focus on the capital equipment segment, Spire's unique position as 'The Turnkey Factory Company' is demonstrated, tested and proven by our high quality products and strong brand recognition.

The global solar photovoltaic (PV)market continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, outpacing the annual growth rate of almost every other energy technology. Spire continues to accelerate the photovoltaic industry's growth by assisting new participants into the PV manufacturing business quickly, efficiently, and ready to compete. Equally, our established partners have their fast-paced needs met through our supportive nature coupled with innovative processes and manufacturing equipment. Our extensive international sales network further proves the quality and consistency of our work with nearly 200 customers in 50 countries worldwide.

Responsive and proactive in all aspects of customer interaction, Spire provides everything needed to ensure our customers' success, whether new entrants or solar veterans. No other company offers the breadth and depth of services to 'put you in the PV business and keep you there.'

Spire Corporation is a leading global solar company providing turnkey solutions for module and cell factories as well as individual equipment to feed the rapid expansion in the market worldwide. For over 35 years, Spire's turnkey factory solutions have been comprehensive and allowed new and experienced customers to rapidly enter and ramp to full production without concern for start up or ramp difficulties.

Spire provides a complete state-of-the art equipment line that ensures the workforce is expertly trained, the final products pass the rigorous certification process, provides finished designs – including facility planning and layout, factory automation, and module design services – and complete martial and vendor lists, and passes on the critical embedded process knowledge that allows you to produce products of the highest quality and sell into the most lucrative markets.

Spire's experience is based in years of active research and includes expertise in module production solutions for crystalline and thin film modules, solar cell production, and production of concentrator cells at our own Gallium Arsenide foundry.