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  • Water Pyrolysis Recycling Technology

  • Pyrolysis as Recovering Value from Waste

    Pyrolysis as Recovering Value from Waste

    With an increase in population, urbanization and technology advancement, the amount and type of waste generated by various sectors is rapidly increased, causing negative impacts on health and the environment.

  • Continuous Pyrolysis

    Continuous Pyrolysis

    In Modular Pyrolysis Steam Cycle (MPSC) system waste is thermally degraded in a rotary kiln using an indirect, external source of heat, at temperatures of 400°–600°C in the absence of free oxygen supply. The volatile portion of the feedstock is thermally decomposed, producing syngas which is sent into a boiler, producing steam for power generation, with the flue gas treated in an emission control sub-system. Char from pyrolysis kiln is...

  • Oil sludge Treatment

    Oil sludge Treatment

    Treatment of oil sludge represents a significant expense. Tens of thousands of tons of oil sludge are generated annually from oil production, storage, refining, and transportation. The oil sludge related problem is also caused by leakage at oil tankers and oil rigs, resulting in oil contaminated sand and water polluted with oil sludge.