SRA Information Technology

SRA Information Technology

SRA Information Technology are Australian, global reaching, IT and data management experts. With a reputation built on innovation, experience and methodology, and a history of delivering progressive, industry-relevant solutions, SRA has developed lasting relationships across all levels of Australian government and some of the world’s largest companies. SRA has been providing reliable, targeted solutions for more than 20 years and consistently strive to not only ensure you want to work with us again, but that you share your enthusiasm with others. Our expertise encompasses heritage, environment and sustainability, natural resource management, compliance and approvals, business intelligence and community welfare. Industry awards for innovation and technology attest to our abilities and professionalism. While partnerships with premier technology providers including Microsoft, SAP and Jaspersoft position us to provide clients with priority access to products, knowledge and technol

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Level 1, 30 Smith Street (The Mall) , Darwin , NT 0801 Australia

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Innovative Solutions for Business Realities

SRA’s reputation is based on Innovation, Experience and Methodology and we constantly strive to demonstrate our advantage in each.  Our objective is not only to ensure you will want to work with us again but that your enthusiasm will spread to others.

SRA provides expertise and solutions in the Environment & Sustainability, Natural Resource Management, Community Welfare and Compliance & Approvals areas.  We also continue to provide Customised Software & Services, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management solutions.

We are an Australian company with an international outlook.

We employ over 80 staff with offices in Canberra, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth and Singapore.  SRA undertakes projects in all States and Territories of Australia as well as Singapore, USA, South Africa and New Zealand.  Our people are versatile and knowledgeable and have the expertise to ensure the provision of quality services.

It is our ability to create truly ground-breaking solutions based on our technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge that has enabled us to secure long term relationships with all levels of Australian government and some of the world’s largest companies.

On the other hand, some of our strongest and continuing relationships are with small, local organisations with smaller budgets but equally critical needs.

Our formal partnership with some of the world’s premier technology providers gives us priority access to products, knowledge and technical innovation.  We have commercialised some of that innovation into our own industry leading solutions that are recognised and awarded both locally and abroad.

Our goal is to be a leading provider of innovative business solutions, dedicated to delivering quality products that meet the needs of our clients. SRA recognises that this position is reached by nurturing a core of highly skilled staff.

Our staff are dedicated professionals who are skilled at adapting leading software technologies to ensure your vision becomes a reality.  We have the expertise that is backed by a proven track record to deliver the right solutions for you.

Our Case Studies offer insight into how SRA is providing innovative solutions for business realities.

SRA Information Technology started life in 1992 as a small IT services company in Adelaide, South Australia. At the outset we focused on corporate systems for government and commercial organisations, providing business analysis, system design and development and documentation services to these clients.

The 1990’s were a major growth period for IT in business and SRA’s size grew with its ever increasing client list. Offices were opened in other parts of Australia and our clients now included major corporations and Federal Government departments.  

SRA has grown organically year by year and weathered the dot com crash of 2001 and the more recent global financial crisis to emerge stronger than ever.

Our Singapore Office was opened in 2007 when SRA commenced a large scale implementation of a weather monitoring data management system for the Singapore National Environment Agency.  The system is based on EnviroSys, our well known environmental data management platform.  Since then, SRA has completed EnviroSys projects in the USA and South Africa and many more in Australia.

SRA now focuses on a number of themes in the provision of expert IT services. In addition to custom application development and related services, we have extensive background and specialised business knowledge in the areas of environment and sustainability, natural resource management, community welfare and compliance and approvals. Our expertise in these areas has been built up over many years and our roadmap for strategic growth will see SRA forge ahead into this second decade of this century and beyond.