Stanco Projects Ltd.

Stanco Projects Ltd.

STT Enviro Corp engineers and supplies a range of cost effective environmental and industrial products and services. By combining the highest quality products with cost competitive prices we deliver superior customer value to the biggest and most respected names in the mining and oil & gas sectors. Plus, we are continuing to work to find ways for our customers to reduce their environmental footprint, cost effectively. We’re the experts in the engineering and design of chemical makedown systems and liquid and bulk material storage and handling, we’re also the experts in how to optimize these systems afterwards.

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12391 Horseshoe Way , Richmond , British Columbia V7A 4X6 Canada
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Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

Who we are

STT Enviro Corp.’s customers include some of the biggest and most respected names in the mining and oil and gas sectors. We operate following the corporate formula: environmental options at less cost equal customer value.

Through our two operating groups, STT Systems & Solutions and STT Tanks & Industrial, we engineer and supply a range of environmental and industrial products and services including:

STT Systems & Solutions

  • Environmental systems to neutralize pollutants (usually acid water) created in the ore recovery process in the mining and oil and gas industries.
  • Lifecycle support for systems customers. Supply of system retrofits, components, optimization and service to improve the efficiency of systems.

STT Tanks & Industrial

  • Bolted storage tanks for municipal, industrial and oil and gas applications.
  • Offload storage and on load systems for various products including frac sand and fly ash, often is a limited lifecycle application.

STT Enviro Corp. is a publicly traded company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol STT.

For Our Customers
We are committed to achieving client satisfaction by providing robust products and services which will make the acquisition, operation and maintenance of our offerings, easy and transparent and result in a better whole life cost versus any alternative.

For Ourselves
We will deliver to client expectation while adhering to rigorous quality standards and safety practices. We will also conduct our business in an ethical manner with clear profit goals in order for our employees to achieve job satisfaction and security.

For Our Shareholders
We will create value through specific, methodical and consistent application of our operating principles in order to achieve our profit and growth targets.

For Our Children
Our products will be designed and engineered with conscious effort to reduce industrial environmental impact and make our world a slightly better place.

When one of our employees makes a decision on behalf of the Company they are always considering whether their approach reflects our core values - because we believe that acting in accordance with these values will drive the success of the organization.

Our core values are the foundation from which be build meaningful and lasting customer relationships and they help drive us towards our profit goals.

Always providing the helpful truth.

Cost Conscious
If we can’t reduce the cost, someone else will.

No room to conspire, information is power.

Friendly, curious and open to change.