Standartpark is the leader in the market of national producers of surface drainage systems. We are the international company, which produces drainage systems for home and commercial. We aim to change the perception of drainage in your home, streets, and work. Standartpark has more than 450 employees and platforms in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Romania, and the Unites States of America. We possess our own ideas, missions, and goals that push us to make production to our clients.

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3120 Riverport Tech Center Dr , Dock , Missouri, USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$100,000,000 US - $1,000,000,000 US

A major role in the creation and sustainability of parks, homes, roads, and everyday footpaths is that ofdrainage systems. A problem that the modern drainage system urges to solve is fall of ground water, and left over moisture from snow or ice. By means of surface drainage, protection from these issues is reached.

The qualitative drainage systems increase the productivity of operation and drainage itself, on roads, and building bases. Where these drainage systems are, protection from rain and all moisture is complete. Thus giving future to the site rather than destroying.

It is imperative to provide a surfacedrainagesystem at the design stage as installation, and planning is needed before arrangement of the site can be completed. Point and linear systems are the go-to designs, each carry out their own function. Linear is intended for rain in large scale areas. Point systems are necessary for a local drainage system.

Standartpark was established in 2000.For 15 years, our reputation has stood our ground as a diligent and effective manufacturer. Our own design office constantly works to perfect our materials.

We produce all necessary accessories which the modern system of surface drainage should have. We offer concrete, polymer concrete, and plastic channels. Trays from stainless steel, drain boxes, drainage gratings, sand traps and much more.

Common questions we solve:

  • What product do we need?
  • What material should we use?
  • What technology to consider?

Here are just a few of our projects:

  1. Ladoga station;
  2. Peter and Paul Fortress;
  3. Tobacco factory 'Philip Morris Izhora';
  4. Fuel filling station 'BP';
  5. At Krylatskiy center of speed skating;
  6. Kazan Kremlin;
  7. Business center 'Moscow-City';
  8. Airport 'Vnukovo';
  9. Ice Palace, Kolomna city;
  10. Hypermarket 'Mega', Novosibirsk city;
  11. Volkswagen factory;
  12. Sheremetyevo - 1;
  13. Trade center 'METRO', Rostov-on-Don city, Kursk city;
  14. Volgograd Dinamo Stadium;
  15. KEA, Samara city;

Our services:

  • production of surface drainage systems;
  • production of internal drainage systems made of stainless steel;
  • production of form-building equipment and components for manufacturing of output from concrete (sidewalk tiles);
  • production of landscape-components;
  • delivery of dirt-protection systems for premises - delivery of materials for the organization of various zones dirt capture at entrance groups of buildings;
  • delivery of coatings;
  • design and installation of drainage and dirt-protection systems.

Additional Services:

  • preparation of technical solutions, designing systems, wastewater management;
  • delivery and installation of our products;
  • technical advices.

We develop, manufacture, and sell our systems and ideas. We hold seminars to train as well as in vest our leaders to be fully involved in each project or wholesale transaction to secure perfect customer satisfaction.

Standartparkhas its own design office and control system to insure full point-to-point communication, to insure not only an effective product, but an impeccable and unchallenged outcome and finish.