Star-Oddi is a manufacturer of innovative scientific research tools, mainly small sized, reliable data loggers for ecosystem and animal studies and real time telemetry temperature loggers. Products include submersible and implantable temperature loggers, and sensors such as depth (pressure), salinity (conductivity), tilt angle, light, humidity, acoustic and magnetic field strength.

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We are dedicated to providing innovative research tools to scientists collecting data on aquatic environments and animal behavior for the benefit of the world.

Our objective is to continue growing as a leading edge technology provider to researchers world-wide, building on the strengths of our core competence to develop unique customer oriented quality products, provide outstanding personal service, ultimately leading to excellent customer value and return on investments.

Star-Oddi is a high technology company, founded in Iceland in 1985. It has since its inception been a leading developer and manufacturer of small sensors, data loggers and technology used in aquatic and animal research. Besides research in ecosystems and aquatic environments the products are used in other industries like biomedical, food & beverage plus other industries.

The main product of the company is the Data Storage Tag (DST) serie which has been developed and manufactured since 1993. DST is a miniature data logger originally designed as a small fish archival tag, for tagging species such as cod and halibut, collecting information on behavior of commercial and valuable species. The DST is used in a wide range of animals for different research purposes as well as being used as stand alone loggers collecting environmental data. The DST is exceptionally well suited for any research involving living subjects because of its biocompatible ceramic material. It‘s not recognized by the animal’s body as a foreign material and therefore lowers mortality rates due to rejection.

Other products include Starmon mini submersible temperature logger, and more bulkier equipment that are unique and revolutionary: Underwater Tagging Equipment, Fish Selector and Fish Call. Star-Oddi has a wide product range of loggers that measure;temperature, depth (pressure), salinity (conductivity), tilt, light and magnetic field strength. These products have been used for a wide range of projects for example fish migration, fishing gear studies, oceanographic, borehole monitoring, toxicology studies, drug development and pasteurization measurements.

Star-Oddi‘s focus is on activities that build strategic relationships with our customers with the aim of achieving total customer satisfaction. We work to ensure optimum R&D efficiency, developing and designing advanced research equipment. Our employees have years of experience in developing and working with research equipment.

Star-Oddi takes its corporate responsibility seriously by developing products and equipment which is used to protect, restore and manage living resources. All of our products can be reused or recycled.

The story behind the name
The Star-Oddi is the name of an ancient Icelandic viking who was known for analysing the movements of the sun, moon and stars. Learn more about Star-Oddi the viking.