Sterling Thermal Technology Limited

We design, manufacture and supply a range of custom-built and standard heat exchangers for our clients in over 50 countries around the world. Sterling Thermal Technology heat exchangers are used in a variety of both cooling and heating applications to increase plant efficiency and productivity, as well as enabling clients to comply with emissions standards. Both OEM and aftermarket units as well as spare parts are supplied working to either new specifications or to existing designs. We have over 100 years of accumulated expertise in heat transfer working with our clients in different industries to develop bespoke cost-effective solutions to overcome specific challenges.

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Brunel Road , Aylesbury , Buckinghamshire HP19 8TD United Kingdom

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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Based in the UK, operating globally. With two manufacturing sites in the UK, Sterling Thermal Technology ensure that we have facilities to meet customer needs – from concept through to realisation.

Situated in the United Kingdom, Sterling Thermal Technology operate modern and well-equipped manufacturing sites in Aylesbury and Birmingham. Our factories include production lines dedicated to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and End-User requirements. We manufacture to both bespoke and standard designs for new, like-for-like replacement, enhanced or refurbished units.

Sterling Thermal Technology manufacture goods on a one-off or volume basis as required. MIG, TIG and MMA welding facilities include a ‘clean room’ for Titanium, with experienced coded welders and fitters assembling units to the standards and materials specified by our growing range of customers.

Our in-house capabilities include thermal and mechanical design, product research and development, 3D CAD drawing offices and applications engineers.

Sterling Thermal Technology’s spares team supplies component and ancillary parts for both new and existing installations by previously acquired companies.

Sterling Thermal Technology ship goods to destinations worldwide.

We are proud of our ongoing efforts to offer customers of Sterling Thermal Technology the best products and service possible and as a result we invest heavily in research and development and innovation.

Sterling Thermal Technology is committed to working closely with our clients to improve, invent or adapt products to meet clients’ evolving needs and demanding operating conditions. Our engineering team utilises our own wind tunnel, test equipment and modeling software to produce and prove prototypes: We model performance of our exchangers in the application, evaluating thermal performance against parameters in the marketplace, as well as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), vibration and sound.

The Avantair motor and generator coolers, which use heat-pipe technology, is one example of our development programme. The Avantair was developed in response to a requirement for:

  • Closer approach temperatures
  • Additional operational redundancy
  • Smaller unit dimensions to meet space constraints
  • Cooling without water where its supply is limited or the cost is prohibitive
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Multiple Avantair units are now in operation worldwide.

Our commercial, design, production and marketing teams also actively evaluate new applications for existing proven products, adapting them to suit specific markets.

Design Capabilities

Our design staffs are conversant with single phase, condensation, vaporisation, feed effluent trains, thermosyphon, falling film, and knockback/reflux thermal design principles. State-of-the-art software is utilised in order to identify the optimum heat exchanger configuration that not only satisfies the specified heat duty, allowable pressure drop, and maximum velocity etc., but also maximises design accuracy and efficiency.

Third Party Inspection

We regularly work hand in hand with third party inspection authorities (for both design verification and final inspection) such as:

  • Lloyds Register
  • ASME VIII/1 U Stamp
  • DNV (Norway),
  • BV (UK)
  • ABS (US),
  • NKK (Japan)