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Experts in decanting, storage, retention, and dosing of corrosive chemicals (acid or alkaline, base, effluent) Stockage et Systèmes (Storage and Systems) works with our clients who have a safer and more environmentally-friendly strategy...providing an optimum service. Regardless of the liquid aggressive chemical, Stockage et Systèmes provides a secure bulk storage solution that complies with regulations (research and engineering, tanks and retention, Securibox cabinet, terminal, or decanting station with integrated PPE box (protection ensured), Dosingbox dosing box with a dosing pump or multiple dosing pumps and integrated process, etc.

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Chemin du Barlatier, Le Canet de Meyreuil , MEYREUIL , F-13590 France

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Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
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Internationally (various countries)


Securing chemical storage and transfer installations...

Safety for people and the environment

From the tank to the turnkey installation: a job for specialists
Storage tanks with or without retention, turnkey installations, complete installations and terminals for decanting, installing chemical dosing cabinets, Stockage & Systèmes designs, builds, and installs corrosive chemical storage and transfer units. Our business is designing custom solutions that ensure installation safety.

  • And installation safety means safety for people and the environment.
  • Stockage & Systèmes provides equipment and services that ensure safety on a daily basis.
  • A single point-of-contact for overall risk management

Stockage & Systèmes prend takes on projects from every angle, from design to completion. Standard or custom, our services are the result of a recognized expertise, thorough technical and technological mastery, and continually updated knowledge of the regulatory and standards context which is extremely demanding in this field.

Stockage et Systèmes offers products and services for decanting, storing, retaining, pumping and dosing corrosive chemicals in complete safety.

Stockage & Systèmes is your partner for SNCR NOx (nitrous oxides) reduction processing
For reducing NOx emissions, while complying in a demanding regulatory context and armed with the experience accumulated in producing many SNCR systems already, Stockage et Systèmes provides guarantees for its custom, high performance DeNOx installations. From the pre-project phase to service startup, Stockage et Systèmes provides its knowhow and produces turnkey systems adapted to each project.