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  • Complete DC Systems / DC UPS

    Self-contained non-stop DC power systems include a battery, charger / rectifier, and a range of options. During a power outage the system battery powers your load automatically and without any switchover time. When AC power is restored the system’s charger automatically resumes operation, recharging the battery while powering the load.

  • Model BPS 63 - Weatherproof DC Battery Power System

    Model BPS 63 - Weatherproof DC Battery Power System

    SENS BPS 63 is a factory packaged DC battery power system that provides non-stop DC power to critical loads. Available in 12, 24 and 48-volt configurations, the non-corroding weather resistant cabinet eliminates the need for equipment shelters. Options include low voltage load disconnect, redundant chargers, and thermostatically controlled battery heater. SENS BPS 63 is specified by consulting engineers and used in a wide variety of applications...

  • Genset Engine Start Chargers

    SENS engine start chargers are the best choice for genset operators who want to minimize the risk and high cost of genset failure during a grid outage. Engineers and end users that understand reliable power generation specify SENS.

  • Model BBS-1600 & BBS-4800 - Best Battery Selector (BBS)

    Model BBS-1600 & BBS-4800 - Best Battery Selector (BBS)

    SENS Best Battery Selectors (BBS) deliver power from two different batteries to one or two loads in environments requiring very high availability. In normal operation, current flows through the BBS from both batteries. But, if one battery is weak or has failed, power automatically flows to the load from the other battery. The best battery selector prevents parallel connection of two batteries so that a bad battery does not cause the failure of the...