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  • Check Valve Fitting

    Check Valve Fitting

    High pressure check valve, (Blue collet) : NST-900, ST-900, Low pressure check valve, (Green collet) : NST-901. ST-901, Reverse flow preventing valve, Minimized design, Pressure range: 0.1~10 kgf/cm2.

  • LLDPE Tubing

    LLDPE Tubing

    The STORMTEC PE Range of plastic tubing is designed in Linear Low Density Polyethylene for cold and intermittent hot water applications. Our Tubing provides the benefits of a wide of temperature and pressure suitability, board chemical compatibility and is made from non contaminating materials.

  • High Pressure Solenoid Valve

    High Pressure Solenoid Valve

    SpecificationHigh: Pressure : Standard Specifications, Usage Liquid : Purified Water, Operating Pressure : 2-140psi(0.2-10 bar), Hydraulic Pressure : 277psi(19.5 bar), Rated Voltage : DC 12V, DC 24V, AC 110V 50/60Hz, AC 220V 50/60Hz, Rated Voltage Range : -15% +10%, Duty Time : Continous, Working Temperature : 1-40℃, Wire Insulation Type : E 2UEW(120℃ Urethane Enamel Wire), Ambient Temperature : Less Then 40℃, Valve Construction :...

  • Pressure Reducing Valve

    Pressure Reducing Valve

    Usage Liquid : Purified Water, Operating Pressure(P1) : 2~140psi(0.2~10 bar), Operating Pressure(P2) : 28~42psi(2~3 bar), Rated Flow : 7ml/min in P1: 85psi (6 bar), P2:42psi (3 bar) Setting, Hydraulic Pressure : 277psi (19.5 bar), Working Temperature : 1-40℃, Valve Construction : Diaphragm Type, Installing Position : Free.

  • Auto Shutoff Valve

    Auto Shutoff Valve

    Diaphragm type direct acting Aut Shutoff Valve which is installed in the Reverse Osmosis(RO) type water purification system