STP-FloPlast Compression Fittings

STP-FloPlast Fittings have been in production and used internationally for over twenty five years. STP-FloPlast Compression Fittings have been designed for a broad range of markets that meet ALL testing requirements and certifications for use in: Municipal pressure and gravity piping systems, Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Methane Gas, Salt Water, Compressed Air, Irrigation, Food and Beverage, Mining, Geo Thermal Applications, Waterworks, Electrical systems, Plumbing systems, Telecommunications, Radiant Heating, and any fluid conduction application.

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STP-FloPlast Fittings are manufactured using polypropylene, and all materials meet NSF and AWWA approval as well as ISO certifications applicable to our fittings. Other features/benefits include:

  • STP-FloPlast products have a 50+ year design life.
  • STP-FloPlast products' rating is 232 psi in all sizes and configurations.
  • STP-FloPlast tests show fitting assembly cannot be pulled apart in accordance with ISO 3501.
  • STP-FloPlast maximum temperature is 176° at 232 PSI.
  • STP-FloPlast Fittings come in IPS, CTS and Universal sizes and can be used to connect most types of pipe.

STP-FloPlast Fittings can be used in new installations, or in most repair/maintenance situations. In utilizing STP-FloPlast Fittings one of the most beneficial factors is the ease of installation which results in labor and equipment cost savings! Our unique range of sizes allows assembly on all types of polyethylene pipe and pvc pipe with no need to take the fitting apart on sizes 2' and smaller. All you need to do is loosen the cap; insert the pipe until you hit the pipe stop; and tighten it all the way down... ready to use!!

Considering that STP-FloPlast Fittings are cost effective; extremely convenient to install; will outlive polyethylene pipe; can withstand more pressure that the pipe itself and the pipe will break before the fitting will. We confidently say in your search for a compression fitting that offers exceptional quality, provides our simple slide and tighten installation and are a cost-effective solution, you will find STP-FloPlast Compression Fittings an excellent and practical choice.

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We are manufacturers of compression fittings & valves since 1983. We have been growing not only in number, but also in the capacity to provide you with the best and most extensive services including a wide variety of supplementary products that we have been incorporating into our catalog.

Our parent STP Holding is a leading marketing and distribution company with worldwide commercial presences in over 80 countries. As a specialist manufacturer of polyethylene pipe accessories, we have been implementing our experience in mold injection to more fields such as irrigation products and water distribution.

In order to accomplish this, there is an organization of professionals who make it possible. STP Holding group is fully aware of the evolution and development of the markets, and through the acquisition of an Italian brass fittings factory, STP has become the only world group producing plastic and metal fittings for polyethylene piping.

Count on STP-FloPlast Compression Fittings when quality really counts. Remember, exceptional service is our standard.

STP-FloPlast fully believes in the importance of providing quality products. In order to do this, it is necessary to promote constant research into new technologies and apply them to our production processes. Our company's lineal organization helps us establish all the necessary controls to guarantee products of the highest quality. Our modern Laboratories, Design, Mold Construction and Injection Sections are subject to the strictest quality assurance controls, following the standards recommended by the UNE, ISO, DIN and NSF organizations.

All STP-FloPlast Fittings are checked, officially approved and their quality supported by numerous official institutions throughout the world. In addition to the guarantees provided by a company that is ISO 9002 registered.

Boasting more than 400 molds, 30 injection machines, 6 units of semiautomatic assembly, and 1 robot for automatic assembly more than 2,500 tons of material are used to make STP-FloPlast Fittings each year.

STP-FloPlast fully believes in the importance of providing quality products.  In order to do this it is necessary to promote a constant research into new technologies and to apply them to the productions processes.

Our state of the art injections process area.

At FloThru Distribution Corp., we pride ourselves in working for you to ensure the best possible customer experience. High quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service are key components of everything we do.