Strategic Environmental & Ecological Services, Inc.

Strategic Environmental & Ecological Services, Inc.

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Strategic Environmental & Ecological Services, Inc. Services

  • Environmental Services

  • Ecological Services

    Ecological Services

    Wetland Delineation and Habitat Assessments. Stream Surveys and Habitat Assessments. Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Surveys. Fish Surveys. Feature Location and Mapping. Terrestrial Surveys and Habitat Assessments. Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys.

  • Waterway Permitting Services

    Waterway Permitting Services

    Section 404 Individual Permit Applications. Section 404 Nationwide Permit Pre-Construction Notifications. Section 401 Water Quality Certifications. General Isolated Wetland Permit Applications (Level One Review). Individual Isolated Wetland Permit Applications (Level Two Review). U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 10 Pre-Construction Notifications. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regional Permits. U.S. Coast Guard Section 9 Bridge Permit...

  • Environmental Services

    Environmental Services

    ASTM standard E 1528-06: Transaction Screen Process. ASTM standard E 1527-05: Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. ASTM standard E 1903-11: Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations Tier I & Tier II Evaluations. Ohio EPA Rule 13 Application (OAC Section 3745-27-13).

  • NEPA Compliance Services

    NEPA Compliance Services

    Categorical Exclusion Document Preparation and EA/EIS. Grant Applications and Environmental Assessments. Environmental Feasibility Studies. Roadway Corridor Studies. Documentation for Section 106 Consultation. Section 4(f) Documentation.