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  • Recyclables

  • Cardboard


    All types of cardboard are compactable by Strautmann presses. Because of the wide range of products, we will find for every industry the optimal solution. Your requirements are diciding for the correct choice! There are different possibilities from manual filling and binding to fully automatic processes. Therefore you get bale weights from 40kg up to 500kg (dependent on material). There is also a potential for compacting large-volume cardboard (130 x 200...

  • Used Paper

    Used Paper

    The recycling of used paper is very important for the environment and the paper industry. Up to 65% of used paper can be re-used at the paper manufacture. The product range of Straumann presses offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for compaction of used paper - for example a fully automatic solution (BaleTainer) below an exhaust system.

  • Film


    Strautmann presses are compacting films out of different plastics. We developed some features and a special film-program to handle the re-expansion of the material. Based on this feature the bale density will be continuous.

  • PET Bottles ( Emptied and Full )

    PET Bottles ( Emptied and Full )

    Since the introduction of PET bottles in 1990 by the Coca Cola Company, Strautmann deals with the compression of this valuable material. With our product range in Briquetting Presses ( known today as BrikPress ) we have developed into the market leader. For small amounts of PET bottles our wide programme in baling presses offers a good alternative.

  • Beverage Cans

    Beverage Cans

    Beverage cans of aluminium and tin plate are high-quality valuable materials which must be led back to the material flow. Optimum compression solutions offer Strautmann Briquetting Presses BrikPress in addition. With small amounts, our wide baling press offers a programme.

  • Polystrene - EPS / Styropor

    Polystrene - EPS / Styropor

    EPS holds alot of air. This is a problem for stockable and transportation costs. On account of these problems Strautmann has designed a compact Briquetting Presses - the CutCompact®. A reduction  volume of upto 98% (Density up to 700 kg/cbm) enables a fully truck and container load. The Bricketts can be marketed without transport problems on a regional level or worldwide.

  • Barrels


    Empty rolling tyres and light barrels need alot of space with storage and transportation and therefore cause high costs. Strautmann barrel press FP 200 is a solidly contrived machine which compresses different barrel kinds. The reduction of volume is upto 95%.

  • Cans


    Empty cans need alot of space with storage and transportation and therefore causes high costs. Strautmann tin press DP 20 compacts tins, buckets and bundles of up to 20 l around with up to 95% reduction of volume.

  • Waste


    Because of increased waste costs the compaction of waste is a very interesting issue for restaurants, nursing homes, butcheries etc. Strautmann's product programme offers the roll container press RC 1100 and garbage tonne press MT 240  solutions for compaction of rubbish directly into existing containers.

  • Tetra Pak

    Tetra Pak

    Tetra Pak® will be pressed well by Strautmann balers. The product range offers different presses for all amounts. Filled bundles will be emptied by the LiquiDrainer.

  • Foam


    Foamed plastic is a very expandable material. In particular the closed-cell demands high requirements to all parts of the presses. To master these forces we designed a special edition of the Strautmann PP 1208.

  • E-Waste


    The recycling of electronic scrap is more and more important. On one hand is the recovery of the material flow. On the other hand is the disposal of hazardous substances.