STS Electronic Recycling

STS Electronic Recycling

STS Electronic Recycling

STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., `The Power of Electronics Recycling.` At STS Electronic Recycling, we are leading the way to a green, safe future. By offering a full service computer and electronic equipment recycling service, we are leading the way for business/organizational/personal recycling, creating new ways for recycling and disposal of old and unwanted computers, laptops and electronic equipment. We follow a NO LANDFILL policy and stand behind it! STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., offers a full electronics recycling service. At STS we recycle a full range of electronic equipment.

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522 CR 1520 , Jacksonvillle , Texas 75766 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
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Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Compliant computer recycling, laptop recycling and pc recycling goes further than turning over your obsolete/unwanted electronic equipment to a computer recycling company.  At STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., we aim to create the most environmentally friendly and secure solution for each piece of electronic equipment and computer recycled.  Recycling or disposing of your old electronic equipment with STS Electronic Recycling assures the best solution for end of life electronics and computer equipment.

STS Electronic Recycling is happy to offer compliant computer disposal and electronics recycling in the States of Texas and Louisiana.  Recycle Responsibly with STS Electronic Recycling! Request a free pickup today!

We are currently seeking ISO 14001 and R2 certifications to add to our current EPA, DOD, HIPAA, SOX, FACTA and FERPA compliancy, in order to better meed the needs of our customers.

STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., offers a full electronics recycling service.  At STS we recycle a full range of electronic equipment.

STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., prides itself in offering full service computer and electronics equipment recycling.

Hard drive destruction and data destruction are essential when recycling obsolete/unwanted computers and electronic equipment.  STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., guarantees data destruction or hard drive destruction in compliance with NIST data destruction recomendations.  Protecting personal/business data can save you money and safeguard against improper data destruction and potential data theft.  STS Electronic Recycling offers hard drive destruction tracking and an official certificate of data destruction for clients choosing to recycle their unwanted computers and electronics. Data destruction processes exceed Department of Defense requirements.  Don't be fooled by computer recycling companies offering to pay you for electronic waste (ewaste,) often these so called computer recyclers or electronic recycle specialist do not take necessary and required data destrution measures.  Protect your customer data and personal data, use a reputable electronic recycling company offering secure, hard drive tracking and destruction services.

Secured Logistics

  • GPS asset tracking and video surveilance assure a secure logistics process with STS Electronic Recycling.
  • Live tracking ensures secure transportation of data sensitive material.
  • Secure monitored 50,000 sq. ft. recycling facility.
  • Nationwide logisitical services available.

Asset Disposal Management

  • Client assets are recorded for disposal verification.
  • Check-in/Check-out asset verification with Certificate of Destruction or Certificate of Compliant Recycling
  • Certified Recycling and Data Management Systems
  • Onsite client inventory removal (onsite serial number recording for removal of inventory available)

 Data Security

  • Verified data destruction processes
  • Assured data destruction through random spot check of client hard drives.
  • Customizable data security and data destruction.
  • Three pass whipe: US DoD 5220.22-M
  • Seven pass whipe: US DoD 5220.22-M (ECE) (Available)
  • 35 pass whipe: Gutmann (Available)
  • Industry specific compliant data destruction (Available)
  • NIST, HIPAA, FERPA, FACTA, SOX Compliant (Customizable data destruction available)