STÜWA Konrad Stükerjürgen GmbH

STÜWA Konrad Stükerjürgen GmbH

STÜWA Konrad Stükerjürgen GmbH

As a family-run business we are a leading manufacturer of high-quality well-construction technology we are able to look back on over 130 years of Made in Germany experience and expertise in the production of well screens. We produce well screens in PVC / steel and stainless steel, as well as geothermal products and drilling accessories. Based on intensive consultation and cooperative exchange of ideas with our partners, the optimal complete solutions is always found.

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Gewerbegebiet Hemmersweg, Hemmersweg 80 , Rietberg , North-Rhine Westphal D-33397 Germany
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The first production started with timber screens, at that time already formed out wedge shaped timber profiles to give conical openings, similar to today's wire wound type screens.

In addition, the sale of related products was developed. As early as in 1955, STÜWA began with the extrusion of PVC pipes and the manufacture of PVC screens.

Since then we have also added PEHD screens and casings. Our well drilling activity is nowadays confined to our region in Eastern Westfalia. The core of the business is the manufacture and sale of well screens and related products for well constructions. Sales go mainly into the local German market, into the other European countries and increasingly overseas.

With extrusion lines, CNC controlled thread cutting and slotting machines as other auxiliary equipment our works here in Rietberg have been successfully transformed into a most modern production unit. The importance of the East Germany and East European markets was recognized immediately after the fall of the Iron Curtain and a subsidiary factory was constructed in Zwenkau near Leipzig as early as in 1992. A further important step to become a full provider was the purchase of a steel screen manufacturing plant in Hilchenbach near Siegen. Since 1999 we therefore offer, besides of the traditional PVC and PEHD products, also steel bridge slotted well screens, riser pipes and well heads.

The individual complete productions under one roof enable effective production schedules and quality control. In addition we offer the flexibility of a typical middle-sized company.

We recognized the increasing globalisation as a chance of further expansion and technology development and have formed a closely working relationship with Johnson screens, the inventor of the wire wound screens and the largest producer worldwide. This cooperation allows us to offer high quality stainless steel screens and related products.

United Arab Emirates
  • Project: Desert of LIWA water reservoir for the city of Abu Dhabi (Strategic Water Storage / Recovery)

  • Period: 2010-2014 (wells)

  • Scope of delivery:158 wells VEE SHAPE SCREEN baskets with gravel / installation services / etc.
Russian Federation
  • Project: Waterworks Habarovsk, drinking water supply of subterranean water treatment

  • Period: 2011- 2014

  • Scope of delivery: 80 wells with high-performance wire wound screens and VEE SHAPE expansion in addition to well construction materials.
  • Project: New European Parliament / geothermal power

  • Period: 2012

  • Scope of delivery: 23,000 m geothermal-well construction materials. (233 boreholes each 102 m) including accessories
  • Project:Buckingham Palast

  • Period:2000

  • Scope of delivery:ZSM Riser pipes DN 100

PVC Production

Using European high quality raw materials, modern mixing and extrusion lines are used to process the PVC granulate into plastic pipes. Our self-designed machines are engineered to fully automatically provide the PVC pipes with various types of threads and slots.

PE manufacture

Our PE pipes are manufactured from granulate extruded in the form of coils or rods. Further processing into construction material for wells and landfill applications is carried out on our own machinery.

Steel bridge slotted screens and casing manufacture

Since 2007, production is based in our newly constructed steelworks in Rietberg, Germany. Our own punching, bending and welding machines are used for production of running lengths up to 6 meters without circumferential weld. The stainless steel pickling plant, which was erected in association with the Deutsche Umweltstiftung [German Environment Foundation] serves to ensure extremely environmentally-friendly production.

Steel wound wire production

Since 2009, the manufacture of wire wound screens is carried out on advanced production machines in Rietberg, Germany. Production is realised utilising the tried and tested Johnson Technology.

Final inspection/storage/dispatch

Owing to our own production, advanced storage centre and our own truck fleet, we are in a position to promptly and flexibly respond to even unusual special customer requirements.


  • Commissioning of the new production/storage hall of our subsidiary Rausch & Rausch in Zipf, Austria.


  • Commissioning of our own Johnson wire wound screen production in Rietberg, Germany.


  • Company‘s 125th anniversary and inauguration of the steel production in Rietberg, Germany.
  • As part of our anniversary our energy concept was upgraded, too. In addition to a plastics recycling system and a complete waste water treatment plant, seven different geothermal systems serve to secure the entire energy generation (heating/cooling/storing) of the facility location.


  • New construction of an ultra modern steel production facility in Rietberg, Germany. In addition to the bridge slotted screen and pipe production, an environmentally-friendly pickling plant was also put into operation.
  • Extension of storage space and new construction of a modern dispatch hall in Rietberg, Germany.


  • In addition to the purchase of the 'Nold' production line, the acquisition of a steel processing company in Hilchenbach, Germany enabled us to make our entry into our own steel production with particular emphasis on bridge slotted screens.


  • Extension of the production area in Rietberg, Germany. Commissioning of a geothermal plant comprising a 500 meter deep geothermal drilling for heating and cooling.


  • Foundation of our branch factory in Zwenkau near Leipzig, Germany.


  • STÜWA was one of the first manufacturers to commence with the extrusion of PVC casings and screens.


  • Initial production focused on the manufacture of STÜWA wood screens, followed by the sale of well construction materials.
  • Establishment of a construction company in addition to ongoing farming.