STW Resources Holding Corp.

STW Resources Holding Corp.

STW Resources Holding Corp is a leading provider of oilfield services and water management services operating through three subsidiaries. STW Water designs, permits and builds mobile waste treatment plants near oil and gas drilling sites and provides customized and cost-effective water reclamation solutions for oil & gas producers, municipalities, and environmental remediation projects. STW Energy uses the latest technology to prepare and construct sites for oil and gas exploration. We offer a multitude of services to the oil & gas industry that allows for compliance with federal regulations regarding clean water and transportation. STW Pipeline installs new and repairs aging water, oil & gas pipelines.

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3424 South County Road 1192 , Midland , Texas 79706 USA

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Service provider
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)

Reclaiming contaminated waste water

STW Resources is your water reclamation company. We have the technology, the knowledge and experience to manage and process any and all contaminated waters.

Over 99 percent of all water on earth (oceans, seas, ice, most saline water, and atmospheric water) is not available for our uses. Much of the remaining fraction of one percent of ground and surface fresh water is out of reach as well. Since 1950, water supplies and their uses have been affected by population growth, economic trends, legal decisions, and periodic droughts. Changes in oil & gas production technology and general economic conditions have affected fresh water use and availability. In response to constraints on water supplies, communities have expanded their water-supply infrastructures and industries have reused or reclaimed processed water. STW provides a complete solution throughout all phases of a water reclamation project including analysis, design, evaluation, implementation, operations and financing. The Company’s focus is on the following market segments:

  • Gas shale hydro-fracturing flowback
  • Oil and gas produced water
  • Desalination; brackish water
  • Municipal waste water

STW Resources Holding Corp. ('STW' or the 'Company'), based in Midland, Texas, provides independent, customized and cost-effective water reclamation services for oil and gas producers, municipalities, and environmental remediation projects.

STW assesses the customer's water reclamation needs and oversees all project phases:

  • Analysis
  • Regulatory
  • Technology
  • Implementation and Operation

STW has worked for several years with many different manufacturers that provide various technologies for water reclamation in the oil and gas business. Although there are numerous technologies available that process water to standards acceptable for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations, many are not cost-effective for operators. Determining an economically feasible solution depends on contaminants, water chemistry and usage criteria. As an independent solutions provider, STW can utilize proven technologies from various manufacturers. The Company's business is based on an owner/operator model whereby manufacturers maintain and warranty the equipment.

STW's expanded growth model employs a joint venturing strategy with manufacturers, oilfield service companies, oil and gas producers, and other water reclamation companies. Rather than being constrained by technologies owned by one manufacturer, STW configures systems that may contain components from several manufacturers. STW will utilize its water treatment experts, chemists and process design engineers to help analyze oilfield water and design systems capable of treating the water so it can be reused for fracking or other oilfield uses. This allows STW to provide a more comprehensive and sophisticated treatment system tailored to the unique needs of each specific customer.

The market for STW's services has been created by changes in oil & gas production technology and general economic conditions have affected fresh water use and availability. In response to constraints on water supplies, communities have expanded their water-supply infrastructures and industries have reused or reclaimed processed water. The Company's geographical marketing efforts are focused on oil and gas producers in the Permian, Delaware, and Eagle Ford Basins in Texas, gas shale plays in the United States, and brackish water throughout Texas. The Company's focus is on the following market segments:

  • Oil and Gas Producers
    • Recycling of gas shale hydro-fracturing flowback
    • Recycling produced water
    • Recycling of Drilling Reserve Pit Water
    • Processing/Desalinating brackish water for drilling and frac water use
  • Municipalities and Private Water Providers
    • Processing/Desalinating brackish water for agricultural and public use (golf courses, etc.)
    • Treating municipal waste water

We are conserving fresh water supplies for municipal and agricultural use while enabling oil & gas operators to continue drilling for and completing oil and gas wells that supply energy to our nation. It is an environmentally friendly and economically advantageous situation for all involved.

STW's mission is to make water a more renewable resource and be the leader in providing water reclamation solutions worldwide. The focus of the Company is to provide an efficient, cost-effective way to reclaim and reuse waters that are disposed of as unfit for consumption.

Water is a precious commodity for which there is no known substitute. Seventy percent of the earth's surface is covered with water, yet only two and half percent of all of the water is fresh. Of this two and half percent, only forty percent is available for human, animal, agricultural, and other requirements for fresh water. STW's objective is to be the water reclamation solution provider enabling customers in any sector – oil and gas, manufacturers, municipalities etc. - to conserve, reclaim and re-use water, thus enabling sustainable economic growth.

Our key objectives to achieving success are:

  • Maintain high ethical and quality standards in all phases of the business of the Company.
  • Educate our customers about alternatives to disposal of contaminated water and specifically, the benefits of water reclamation.
  • Demonstrate the beneficial economics of using STW approach to all stakeholders – producers, governments and local communities.
  • Continue to reduce the costs of water reclamation.
  • Provide innovative solutions for almost any contaminated water pool.
  • Work with customers in designing optimal systems for their unique challenges.
  • Meet and exceed our customer's expectations.
  • Include a variety of financing options.
  • Attract and retain the best people and foster an environment throughout our organization of openness, honesty, and trust.
  • Commit to operate a safe and environmentally friendly company and be a valued neighbor to the communities in which we reside.
  • Strive to be the best in the water reclamation market with continual improvement.
  • Achieve market growth and superior return on equity.