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  • Made to Bear Extreme Conditions

    Made to Bear Extreme Conditions

    Working below sea level, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, subsea pumps are high-power and high-speed rotating equipment that perform under extreme conditions. Every single part of the pump has to be designed to be extremely reliable and must be ...

    Simon Gassmann

  • Rerating Pipeline Pumps

    Rerating Pipeline Pumps

    Pipeline operators transport billions of gallons of oil every year, and they are constantly looking at ways of improving efficiency and reducing costs. Depending on changing network demands, this might require managing an increase or decrease in ...

    Paul Fulghum

  • Reduced Emissions for Landfill Gas Installations

    Reduced Emissions for Landfill Gas Installations

    The use of landfill gas as a source of renewable energy is increasing. For environmental and safety reasons, the owners of the waste storage sites have to strictly monitor and control the construction, operations, and emissions generated. Sulzer ...

  • Creative Service Solutions - Case Study

    Creative Service Solutions - Case Study

    A paper mill in Finland suffered the complete failure of a large four-stage vacuum blower. Creative problem solving resulted in a repair time of only seven days. The maintenance team built a functional blower by using parts from three outdated ...

    Ben de Koning

  • The Evolution of Glycol Contactors

    The Evolution of Glycol Contactors

    The dehydration of natural gas is an integral part of many gas processing applications. Dehydration with triethylene glycol (TEG) is effective and has been successfully employed in both onshore and offshore facilities. The dehydration of natural ...

    Ming Yang Lee;Sven Kollinger

  • Successful Dunbar Field Life Extension

    Successful Dunbar Field Life Extension

    The advent of high-power multiphase pumps is changing the world of oil production. In particular, they allow continued production from fields that are nearing the end of their useful lives. These revolutionary pumps have been in operation since ...

    Xavier Gaillard

  • Innovation in Offshore Separation Process

    Innovation in Offshore Separation Process

    CLOV is a deep-sea oil production project offshore Angola. Sulzer helped to lower the cost of the floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) ship. There, Sulzer’s patented distributor technology and state-of-the-art pumps are ...

    Sven Kollinger;Mike Sorrell

  • Field Performance Testing for Pipeline Pumps

    Field Performance Testing for Pipeline Pumps

    Significant energy savings can be achieved by optimizing pump operating efficiency. Measuring the exact pump performance with crude oil under realistic conditions in the field is the first step towards improving the pump efficiency in the future. ...

    Fred Robinett

  • Viscous Pumping in Focus

    Viscous Pumping in Focus

    The performance of a pump is influenced when it handles viscous fluids such as crude oil. For the configuration and design of pumps, this is key. In the industry, pump performance curves are developed by testing with water at temperatures around ...

    Philippe Dupont

  • How the Earthworm Improves the Soil

    How the Earthworm Improves the Soil

    Nature has ways of converting vegetable and mineral raw materials into high-quality products. The inconspicuous earthworm provides striking example — it is a minirefinery in the soil. The dew worm or common earthworm, which is ...

    Herbert Cerutti

  • When Things Get Tight

    When Things Get Tight

    A crude oil transfer pump on an offshore platform in Malaysia needed to be rerated to meet changed working conditions. Sulzer found a retrofit solution that complied with the challenging space and time constraints. Low oil prices put more pressure ...

    Marc Heggemann

  • Pumps Manufacturing of the Future

    Pumps Manufacturing of the Future

    Sulzer builds pumps of the highest quality but also responds to the customers’ requirements for short lead times, close proximity, and competitive prices. Now, Sulzer is revolutionizing its pump manufacturing with a new setup of its factories. ...

  • The Power of the Moon

    The Power of the Moon

    The influence the moon has on life on earth is disputed. However, during an assignment in Southeast Asia, vibration experts from Sulzer were able to clearly confirm that the moon can even affect pumps. With its broad expertise, the Sulzer team was ...

  • Mastering the Chaos

    Mastering the Chaos

    Random packing consists of single pieces that are poured into separation columns and form a chaotic structure. Now, Sulzer has developed a new generation of high-performance random packing that offers more uniformity of surface distribution within ...

    Stephen Shields

  • Unbeatable Proximity

    Unbeatable Proximity

    When it comes to refurbishing a rotor in a power plant, delivery time and shipping costs play a major role. Because of its nearby service center, Sulzer was able to make an unbeatable offer to an Indonesian customer and even bring a retired rotor ...

    Hepy Hanipa

  • Indestructible Pumps for Clean Water

    Indestructible Pumps for Clean Water

    Sulzer pumps are used in the production of drinking water in many cities around the world. The special qualities that these pumps possess can be seen at the Zurich Municipal Water Utility. There, the operators have to cope with rising land and ...

    Sebastian Liebs

  • Fit for Changes

    Fit for Changes

    Changing conditions are a huge challenge for pump operators. Not only can the operating costs skyrocket, but the risk of production downtime can too—which is unacceptable, especially in businesses like oil and gas, power, and water. The ...

    Marc Heggemann

  • Wastewater Treatment in Turbo Mode

    Wastewater Treatment in Turbo Mode

    Sulzer turbocompressors type ABS HST are successful in wastewater treatment. Today, 2000 units are installed around the world—for example, in municipal plants like in the city of Sögel, Germany. Here, the turbocompressors not only ...

    Stefan Wilkens;Erkki Lantto

  • The Right Mix for Clean Air

    The Right Mix for Clean Air

    Reducing air pollution is an increasingly important topic all around the world. Many governments—also in developing countries—set new limits for emissions such as nitrogen oxides in flue gas. Sulzer offers advanced mixing technology ...

    Joe Porcelli;Andreas De Fazio;Zhen-Hua Cao

  • Keeping Melbourne Moving

    Keeping Melbourne Moving

    Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia and has a rail network of superlatives. Sulzer’s service center in Melbourne currently maintains a fleet of more than 2500 traction motors and motor/alternator sets. But Sulzer’s ...

    Stuart Walden