Sunco Powder Systems

Sunco Powder Systems

For over 35 years, Sunco has been recognized as a leader in bulk material handling components and systems. We specialize in designing and supplying equipment for use in a wide variety of applications, including chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastics, pulp & paper and environmental processing. From Rotary Airlocks, Diverter Valves, Gate Valve, Blower Packages to complete turnkey systems, Sunco has the answers and expertise to meet your material handling needs and expectations.

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1683 Rock Hill Highway , Lancaster , South Carolina 29720 USA

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For over 20 years, Sunco Powder Systems has supplied rotary airlock, rotary valve and many other components used in pneumatic conveying and other dry material handling applications.  Entire turnkey pneumatic conveyors and screw conveyors can be designed, manufactured and installed by Sunco.

The Sunco rotary airlock valve line is applicable to a diverse range of applications.  Rotary Valves (Airlocks) regulate the flow of material from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition.  Common rotary valve uses include at the discharge of dust collectors, storage bins and pneumatic conveying applications.  Sunco Rotary Airlocks can 
accommodate pressure differentials up to 20 psi and temperatures to 750º F (utilizing special high temperature bearings).  Sunco also offers a line of heavy duty rotary valves for dependable, low maintenance service in demanding applications.

Another product in the Sunco Powder Systems line is the diverter valve.  We offer both gravity diverter valve and conveying diverter valve models.  Gravity diverter valves are a fabricated design used on gravity applications where little or no pressure is 
involved.  A conveying diverter valve consists of  robust bodies manufactured in two sections, split at the center flange for ease of access to the internal sealing flap.  These diverter valves are used on pneumatic conveying applications with the smooth internals allowing for no lodgment points.

A slide gate valve provides a quick and efficient method for isolating and controlling the flow of free flowing powders, granules and dust.  Slide gate valves actuation can be manual, rack and pinion, motorized or pneumatic.  A double dump valve is commonly used in pneumatic applications where a rotary airlock is not suitable due to the potential for leakage.   Double dump valves are also used on fibrous, oversized or very abrasive products where a rotary airlock would suffer intolerable wear.  
All Sunco double dump valves consist of two flaps connected by counterweights or spring-loaded spindles, which are operated by means of a motor-driven cam. 

The heart of  pneumatic conveyor systems is the blower providing air flow.  Sunco Powder Systems designs and builds custom blower packages for this purpose.  Our blower packages are for positive and vacuum service, and are available from 20 to 5,000 CFM and to 15 psi or 16' hg. 

Sunco bulk bag unloaders provide a convenient, safe and dust-free method for handling and discharging bulk bags.  A bulk bag unloader is constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel or sanitary materials, as required.  Bulk bag unloaders can be provided with or without vibration and hoist/trolley (motorized or pneumatic).   Standard bulk bag unloaders include vibration isolator hangers, dust pick-up ports, tubular support frame and bag lift adapter. 

Sunco bin activators are mounted to the bottoms of silos and hoppers and are designed to promote the uniform flow of materials that typically do not discharge well.  A bin activator can range in size from  2 ft. to 14 ft in diameter.

Sunco screw conveyors are custom-designed and custom-manufactured to your exact requirements. The screw conveyor design is another efficient means of transferring powders and other dry materials.  Sunco screw conveyors can range from  4' to 60' diameters, with lengths to suit any application.  Typical screw conveyor construction is from  mild steel, carbon steel, 
stainless steel, abrasion resistant steel.

Entire conveying systems can also be designed, manufactured and installed by Sunco.  Broadly, or pneumatic conveying system products fall into three categories.     A vacuum unloading system is used for short distances where high rates are not required. Vacuum unloading is a reliable low cost system and is normally used to convey a product from one point to another.  A pressure system can be built to accommodate low, medium and high capacities requirements.  A pressure conveying system is suitable for short runs up to 500 feet.  A vacuum pressure system is a combination of both the vacuum and pressure systems and provides unloading and transfer of a product from one point to another or from one point to several destination points.

If your requirement is for transfer, conveying or storage of dry materials such as flakes, powder, dust, pellets, granules, chips or similar materials, turn to Sunco Powder Systems.  We are recognized experts in the field of dry materials handling, and we'll recommend the best components or an entire system to accomplish your goals.

Sunco opened our new 30,000 square foot manufacturing and sales facility in Lancaster, South Carolina in 2015.  Our trained staff includes an engineering department with a combined 100+ years of experience. From inside sales, outside sales, trained manufacturing personel and a dedicated parts and servicve department....Sunco is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.