SustainIt Solutions Ltd.

SustainIt Solutions Ltd.

For more than ten years, SustainIt have been a key player in global CSR data. SustainIt have helped some of the world’s largest companies manage and develop their sustainability and CSR data collection practises and policies. Our key team members represent our company on the global stage and bring together a unique combination of industry leading knowledge, technical expertise and outstanding service to bring a more holistic approach to sustainability, shaping our services to perfectly align with each client’s requirements.

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Unit 4.2 Paintworks, Bath Road, , Bristol , BS4 3EH BS4 3EH United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

We are committed to continuously improving our business, including a monitoring review process for the environmental performance targets and a review process for the policy overall.

Environmental Impact

We aim to reduce our use of the earth’s resources where possible by continuously reviewing what we buy and how we use products within our workplace:

  • We only print where necessary and always in black and white and double-sided. We continuously review our paper use through the use of our sustainability data system.
  • We meticulously recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, food waste, batteries, electronic equipment, printing cartridges, metal tins and cans and glass.
  • The North Somerset offices which are used by our Directors are powered by solar panels and a log burner fire fueled by local fallen trees.
  • Energy use is monitored in our main Bristol office using an energy monitor and regular readings.
  • SustainIt promote the use of cycling and walking as the preferred means of travel to local meetings, and use public transport where systems allow efficient use. For journeys that require the use of a car, car sharing is encouraged where possible.
  • Flights to all destinations will be kept to an absolute minimum, and if the train network can be used for European travel then staff will investigate that option first. In general, flights are not used for UK travel.
  • All new company cars are to have under 120 CO2 (g/km) emissions rating.


We are a small company but we aim to make positive choices in the marketplace and we work with organisations to help support and promote the principles of sustainability:

  • We seek to embed the principles of fair-trade and ethical purchasing in our procurement practices. In particular we emphasis the importance of sourcing food locally and wherever possible we use locally sourced, organic food. Daily essentials such as tea, sugar and coffee are always fair-trade.
  • We support the 10:10 campaign – an organisation which supports companies in reducing their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.
  • We are members of the West of England Carbon Challenge – a network of businesses, NGO’s and public sector organisations committed to a 10% reduction in carbon emissions by 2012.
  • All our cleaning materials are environmentally friendly and plants are to be used for cleaning office air environment.
  • We source our stationery from a recycled stationery company based in Bath.


We value our employees and continuously aim to make SustainIt a great company to work for:

  • We offer flexible working patterns where possible to help ensure our employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Offering flexibility also allows us to reduce commuter transport emissions in some cases.
  • Plants are used within the office environment to help provide a clean and healthy environment. Flowering plants such as gerbera daisy and chrysanthemums are superior in removing benzene from air. Other good performers are English ivy and bamboo palm. Employees are actively encouraged to bring in their own plants. We encourage all our employees to make their work space as comfortable as they can.
  • For all employees cycling to and from work, SustainIt will cover the cost of an annual service.
  • SustainIt arranges regular company outings and activities mostly with a sustainable twist.
  • We provide opportunities for continuous learning and development through internal training and education as well as encouraging and promoting external events, activates and courses that may be relevant and welcomed by staff.
  • We arrange regular staff trips away to destinations such as Hay-on-Wye or The Gower as well as various other fun events such as our Annual Sports Day.


We are committed to supporting appropriate local charities and our local community through our participation in local community initiatives:

  • SustainIt provide all staff with two volunteer days after 6 months of service to the company. We aim to ensure that the projects undertaken are local and related to wider sustainability issues. In the past we have helped organisations such as Fairtrade Wales and Working Knowledge.
  • We have traditionally supported St Peter's Hospice as our main charitable organisation. We have arranged events such as our 2011 Sustainable Sports Day to help support the hospice.
  • Other organisations supported by employees and management include; Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce, Chew Magna Society, The Converging World, Young Enterprise South West, Surfers Against Sewage, @Bristol, SevernFour Credit Union.


SustainIt helps organisations to be more sustainable – providing advice and support on CSR and sustainability issues, as well training and expertise on how to collect, control and communicate your non-financial data.

At SustainIt we are passionate about sustainability and believe in helping others along their sustainability journey regardless of what stage they are at. We use our unique combination of industry-leading knowledge, technical expertise and outstanding service for a more holistic approach to CSR and sustainability. Working together to help businesses become more efficient, more responsible and more sustainable is at the heart of what we do.

Sustainability Ambition and Policy
'50% of customers want to know if they’re buying sustainable products.'

If you’re just getting started in your sustainability journey, then we don’t want to talk to you about data auditing and automated feeds – we want to help you define and launch your sustainability ambitions. With company and competitor analysis, workshops on how to drive sustainability up the corporate agenda and help with the creation of a sustainability policy, SustainIt can bring your ambition to life and begin the transformation of your business.

Implementation and Project Management
'37% of employees do not know if their company is collecting data.'

For many companies, data collection is becoming increasingly time consuming. Gathering data from warehouses and offices, understanding annual spreadsheets supplied by contractors and making sense of the flood of information available from active meters can turn the creation of regular reports into a daunting task. SustainIt can deliver the answer. Through implementation of a dedicated sustainability solution, you can take control of your data, creating a system that can automate collection and provide you with a powerful tool for reporting data accurately and beautifully.

Engagement and Culture Change
'75% of sustainability managers say they need help with effective communications and cultural change.'

Being able to launch a sustainability ambition is only the first stage in the journey. One of the greatest challenges for any company is changing lofty ambitions into corporate reality. Being able to communicate the impact of sustainability initiatives in an audience appropriate manner is a complex challenge, and one that SustainIt relishes. By transforming data to a human scale, by celebrating successes and by bringing the return on investment that sustainability can offer to life, SustainIt can help transform your company’s approach to sustainability.

Software Services and Support
'60% of employees think their company is not doing enough to promote sustainability.'

The great challenge with sustainability is that the journey is never really over. Even with a dedicated software solution, there’s still more to do. Making sure that the system stays valid in a rapidly changing world is a challenge which SustainIt are uniquely equipped to excel at. With service partnerships and relationships with a broad range of software houses and a holistic approach to data collection, SustainIt can help ensure that your sustainability system is a tool for driving continuous improvement, and that monthly, quarterly and annual reports can all be created without needing an army of consultants and designers.

No two organisations are the same, and each is at a different stage of their sustainability journey. That’s where we come in – assessing how you’re currently managing your non-financial data, ensuring  that measuring and reporting your sustainability performance is simple and effective along with engaging your employees in your sustainability ambitions.

Our unique combination of industry-leading knowledge and technical expertise makes us an important part of your team, giving you the unbiased support, advice and solutions required to improve your performance, act more responsibly, and be more profitable