Sustec Consulting & Contracting bv

Sustec Consulting & Contracting bv

Sustec is the Dutch supplier and contractor of the patented TurboTec Continuous Thermal Hydrolysis Process (cTHP) for sludge and biomass to enhance the biogas production in the anaerobic digestion. The world`s first continuous full scale plants have been commissioned in 2014 in the Netherlands with capacities of up to 13,000 tDS/a. The process includes the novel sludge mixing-separation step, which facilitates efficient heat recovery and enables further energy recovery in heat exchangers. The continuous TurboTec process, has in comparison to conventional batch-system a 10-15% lower investment cost, while their operating costs are more than 60% higher. The NutriTec� process is a unique technology for recovering N P by struvite precipitation and membrane ammonia stripping producing ammonium sulphate, of which both are used as fertilisers. Sustec is interested to get in contact with interested clients and end-users, but especially also strategic partners.

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Agro Business Park 7A , PV Wageningen , 6708 Netherlands
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)


Sustec was established in 2008 by Lex van Dijk. We are a Dutch technology and solutions provider with a strong focus on sludge treatment and resource recovery. With our head office located in Wageningen, the Netherlands, we are easily accessible via train and car.

Sustec realizes technologies for sustainable solutions in the field of handling waste streams. It involves energy production, the recovery of raw materials and nutrients and the purification of water. The projects we work on are the execution and completion of TurboTec installations (licenses, limited scope and full scope), the development and support for resource recovery NutriTec projects, and to support start-up and commissioning of new and existing WWTP.


Sustec provides sustainable technologies for a circular economy. With a focus on sludge treatment and resource recovery, we offer our customers consultancy services, laboratory and pilot testing, licencing, design and engineering, contracting and operational support.

With a strong focus on R&D we are continuously investigating new possibilities for the next generation TurboTec and Nutritec installations. In combination with entrepreneurship, professionalism and integrity, we can offer our customers a wide range of solutions resulting in reliable and excellent projects/services.


Sustec works according to the one-stop shop principle. That means that for a project Sustec can perform all steps: Form concept development to final realization and operation. Employers of Sustec work with SCC (VCA) certificates. Medio 2016 Sustec will be ISO9001 qualified.

The WWTP purifies domestic waste water and produces sludge as a result. Processing sludge is expensive, so before it goes to incineration you want to retrieve as much water as possible. With the TurboTectechnology the process of fermentation and sludge dewatering is better. This produces up to 35% more biogas and a final dewatering up to 30% (for WAS).
If the WWTP has more capacity than necessary for its own sludge fermentation, you can digest biomass from other parties as well. This produces sustainable energy for own use or supply to the net. As domestic waste water contains a lot of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphate = N&P) it is also of great interest to recover these nutrients in the form of fertilizers struvite and ammonia as a potential source of income . The NutriTec technology realizes this.

2. Industry


Industrial waste water contains not only nutrients (nitrogen and phosphate = N&P) but also raw materials. The recovery and reuse of raw materials can be interesting for the process. For the recovery of nutrients you can use NutriTec® technology. For the recovery of raw materials Sustec offers additional technologies. From organic waste streams you can generate sustainable energy (biogas), making CO2 credits and costs as low as possible. Sustec can deliver fermentation together with sludge digestion (Turbotec®), for processing these organic waste streams into biogases.

3. Waste sector

Waste Sector

With sludge (biological waste) and slurries (organic waste mixed with water) you can produce sustainable energy (biogas). With the thermal hydrolysis of the TurboTec technology the process of fermentation and sludge dewatering can be improved. The leachate water resulting from the processing of organic waste is generally rich with nutrients. With the unique NutriTec® technology you can separate these nutrients from the leachate water and regain them as fertilizer.

4. Agri sector

Agro Sector

The recovery of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphate = N&P) is the main goal at manure processing. The N&P you regain from manure, is a potential source of income in the form of vultures or manure pellets for own use or sale. With the NutriTec technology you can regain N&P. Regulation stipulates that manure must be sterile when you deliver it. That means that it is treated at certain temperature and pressure before you use it for the land or bring it to the market. Manure can be treated like sludge with the TurboTec technology and yield energy (biogas) in addition.