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SUTERA systems are comprised of three main components; the access lid or top, the containment bag and the precast concrete well which is non-proprietary and readily available across North America. The flow through of material, from deposit by the user through the top to the emptying from the bottom of the bag into the collection vehicle, is what sets our solutions apart from traditional waste and recyclable material roll offs and dumpsters.

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SUTERA envisions innovative systems for the containment of solid wastes, including recyclables; the first critical link in the complex chain of urban waste management. Our aesthetically pleasing containment systems ensure  environmental security of the materials deposited in harmony with natural landscapes.

Solid waste containment, to be effective, requires an appreciation as to how waste is generated, disposed of by users, subsequently collected and disposed by the service provider. With these considerations, SUTERA perfects the design of it’s systems to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and benefit to all participants in the waste stream management. Our core belief is that effective material segregation and containment early in the overall process positively impacts the regeneration of all materials.

SUTERA systems are designed and deployed across North America with consideration to the waste practices and requirements established by local jurisdictions.

Sutera semi-underground waste containers can be installed on tight sites and in areas where traditional dumpster pickup would be impossible. By eliminating the 90’ clearance required for traditional systems, Sutera can be installed practically anywhere.

This means they can be placed where it is more convenient for their users – next to buildings or interspersed within the landscaping – for ease of access. And, as an additional bonus, this can increase space for parking, walkways or other property elements.

Sutera’s design is also made with convenience in mind. By offering multiple lids for waste, recycling and clothing donations, the possibilities for use and placement are endless.

Sutera isn’t just another trash bin – it is a total reinvention of the waste collection industry. Taking its cue from a system used with great success in Europe for decades, Sutera is revolutionizing how waste is collected, stored, and transported.

As an alternative to the costly, unsightly and user un-friendly traditional dumpsters that are prevalent across America, Sutera offers high population-density areas the ability to save money, time and the environment by using its semi-underground waste collection solution.

We are proud to provide a locally-produced, environmentally-friendly solution to the growing problem of waste collection in the United States.

At Sutera, we believe that waste doesn’t have to be a dirty word. By focusing on making waste more convenient for the user, we are cleaning up the waste industry.

Traditional waste collection systems – usually relying on large, metal receptacles enclosed on a concrete surface – are built around the idea that the service provider comes first. They are unsightly, and often in various states of disrepair. They are costly due to frequent pickups and maintenance, and they take up a significant amount of space that could otherwise be used for something more valuable to the property owner and its users.

Our Sutera semi-underground waste solution is designed to eliminate these problems.

We provide a durable system that is made to last. The many thousands of customization options available means that our above-ground components can be clad to blend in – or to stand out – however our customers like. The large capacity and naturally-compacted bags require fewer pickups which saves our customers money. And with zero clearance required, Sutera can comfortably be placed wherever is most convenient for property owners and their users.

We also use locally-produced precast concrete wells, to both support American-made products and enable a quicker, cheaper manufacturing process that doesn’t require shipping large, expensive products long distances.

Our Sutera products are environmentally-friendly, using reusable bags and requiring fewer pickups and less fuel to transport waste.

We are excited by the opportunity to transform the waste collection industry – and we’re eager for you to join in our journey.

SUTERA solutions have evolved based on our philosophy that waste needs to be respected to ensure that it is safely and securely contained ready for the next step in the waste stream management process. Programs to continually perfect our products based on assessment and critical feedback from installations in both the US and Canada are what has set us apart.

Our objectives are to:

  • enable ease of use by the person depositing waste and recyclable material
  • achieve secure containment for various forms of waste (minimized odor)
  • control (avoid) storm water and waste fluid leachate
  • eliminate the need for garbage enclosures
  • minimize the space required for placement and servicing and increase parking spaces
  • blend into various cityscapes to achieve better aesthetics
  • promote and support local environmental objectives
  • maximize volume of material contained to reduce service frequency