Sven Leckel Ingenieurburo GmbH

Sven Leckel Ingenieurburo GmbH

We develop and manufacture samplers and sampling inlets for measuring total suspended particulate matter, PM10, PM4,0 , PM2,5 , PM1,0 and dust compounds in ambient air and indoors. Our samplers are conform with the current scientific and legal requirements to the aerosol measurement technique. Our sequential sampler SEQ47/50 took successfully part in the European PM2,5 field test procedure.The results of these field tests revealed that the SEQ47/50 sampler fulfils all requirements for a European PM2,5 standard sampler. The essential features of the European PM2,5 low volume standard sampler as described in the CEN EN 14907 were taken over from the PM2,5 SEQ47/50 sampler.

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Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 72, Naumannpark Haus 34.2 , Berlin , 10829 Germany

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Air Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

Thus, the sequential sampler SEQ47/50 equipped with PM2,5 inlet complies completely with the European low volume PM2,5 standard sampler according to CEN EN 14907.

Equally, our Kleinfiltergerät LVS3 respectively MVS6 complies completely with the European low volume PM10 reference sampler according to CEN EN 12341.