Sweco’s engineers, architects and environmental experts are working together to develop total solutions that contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. We call it sustainable engineering and design. We make it possible for our clients to carry out their projects not only with high quality and good economy but also with the best possible conditions for sustainable development. Sweco delivers qualified consulting services with a high knowledge content throughout the client’s project chain, from feasibility studies, analyses and strategic planning to engineering, design and project management. Sweco is among the largest players in Europe and a leader in several market segments in the Nordic region and Central and Eastern Europe. Sweco carries out tens of thousands of projects for thousands of clients annually. Sweco has a local presence in 10 countries and conducts project exports to some 70 countries worldwide. Sweco is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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Gjörwellsgatan 22 , Stockholm , S-100 26 Sweden

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Environmental - Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)
Over 1000
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

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Today everyone is talking about the need for sustainable long-term development, with a focus on our global climate, energy supply and environment. At Sweco, this focus represents the continuation of a longstanding tradition. Every year, in more than 80 countries worldwide, our consultants carry out assignments that all are defined by a commitment to sustainability. The results of this work are cleaner air and purer water, more efficient energy usage, better living and working environments, smarter transport solutions and industries that are profitable and environmentally sound.

We call it sustainable engineering and design. By that, we simply mean that we make it possible for our clients to carry out their projects not only with high quality and good economy but also with the best possible conditions for
sustainable long-term development.

Sweco's use of the concept of sustainability, or sustainable development, derives from the UN report “Our Common Future” from 1987, also known as the “Brundtland Report”. It defines sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”


Sweco’s vision is to become Europe’s most respected knowledge company in the fields of consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture.

Sweco’s mission is to actively contribute to sustainable development of society.

Business model
The business model is based on simplicity and client focus, where the idea is that it should be easy for clients to do business with Sweco. For that reason, the Group has a decentralised and client-driven organisation. The individual consultants form the hub of operations, and it is their work and attitudes that transform the company’s aggregate knowledge, experience and creativity into tangible benefit for the clients.


For the past 100 years we have been taking part in advanced projects to improve the environment. As consulting engineers, we have considerable scope to promote sustainable development by influencing our clients’ strategic and long-term decisions. Swecos employees have a high level of environmental expertise and in each assignment we analyse what can be done to benefit the environment. In our dialogue with clients, environmental aspects are always taken up at an early stage of the assignment process.

Global urbanisation is continuing at rapid pace and our cities face daunting challenges. Over the course of many years Sweco has developed a concept for sustainable urban development. To succeed, it is vital to start at an early stage when new cities are planned and existing areas are redeveloped. The Sustainable City is a holistic approach to urban planning and design from an ecological, social, economic and spatial perspective and is based on a closed cycle approach to energy, waste and water together with integrated transport and land use planning and energy-efficient buildings. This concept provided the basis for Stockholm’s Hammarby Sjöstad eco-village and has also been implemented in countries like China, Canada and Ireland.

Sweco addresses climate issues in a wide range of assignments, such as planning to reduce problems related to rising groundwater levels and flooding or assessing the risks for landslides and erosion. Sweco is also a forerunner in finding new solutions that limit the use of fossil fuels, with in-depth knowledge of many different energy types and experience in everything from optimisation of biogas production to planning for new wind farms and rehabilitation of older hydropower plants. One fast-growing area is transport logistics, where effective route planning can reduce CO2 emissions by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Swecos business concept is to create value through the delivery of qualified consulting services.

Value for society
The engineers, architects and environmental experts at SWECO are working together to build a safer, more environmentally sound and growing society. The tangible results of our work are clean air and pure water, attractive and functional living and working environments, more effective distribution and use of energy, roads and bridges that increase traffic safety and shorten travelling time, and industries that are more efficient, profitable and environmentally sound.

Value for the clients
We help our clients to realise their ambitions by offering qualified consulting engineering services in a wide range of areas. With our skills and knowledge, we enable the clients to carry out their projects with the highest standards of quality and economy. By promoting greater integration between urban planners, infrastructure engineers, architects, structural engineers, industrial and energy consultants and environmental experts, we create the conditions for client projects that contribute to sustainable development of society.

Value for the shareholders
We create value for our shareholders by conducting growing and profitable operations in areas of vital importance to society in both mature and emerging markets. Through organic growth, acquisitions, international expansion, strong earnings and a high total yield, we provide our shareholders with a good return on investment.

Value for our employees
Sweco aims to be the most attractive employer for consulting engineers and architects, with ample opportunities for professional and personal development. Here, our employees can grow and develop in teams together with professional colleagues, take far-reaching personal responsibility and work in challenging projects that contribute to sustainable development of society.


Sweco is organised in six business units with offices at 87 locations in Europe and an additional 15 locations in other parts of the world. Sweco Sweden, Sweco Norway, Sweco Finland, Sweco Central & Eastern Europe and Sweco Russia are geographically organised with their respective countries and regions as home markets. Sweco Industry, based in Finland, is the Group’s central industrial engineering resource and has an international home market.

More than 120 years at the cutting edge of technology

Sweco has a long and inspiring history. Already in 1889 the basis for what is now Sweco was founded. Below are some important historical events listed. Sweco's engineers have carried out many important and prestigious assignments. Since 1903, Sweco has carried out projects in over 100 countries. Read more about our historic assignments in the presentation to the right.



By further developing its business units and employees, Sweco will establish a position as the most respected knowledge company in the fields of consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture. The international presence will be strengthened through strategic acquisitions and the establishment of international operations. All development and growth are accompanied by strict profitability requirements.

Strategic priorities

Sweco aims to be the most attractive employer for consulting engineers and architects, with ample opportunities for professional and personal development in an international environment. Sweco’s goal is to be the preferred choice of potential employees, whether recent graduates or experienced consultants.

Employee development is essential for Sweco’s growth. All employee development should be focused on performance, expertise and knowledge sharing. This work is supported by the annual performance review, Sweco Talk.

Sweco’s client-driven organisation relies on strong and decentralised leadership. Strong leadership is promoted through the Sweco Leadership Compass, a framework that defines the company’s leadership culture and links together leadership with Sweco’s business culture. As a tool for ensuring effective management succession Sweco uses Next Generation, a process and program to continuously identify and develop good leaders.

Results and activities in 2011

  • 900 employees added during the year through acquisitions and recruitment.
  • In Norway Sweco was rated as the third most popular employer among engineering students.
  • In Sweden Sweco was ranked among the top six employers by young professional engineers and in third place by future engineering graduates.
  • The first group completed the Next Generation leadership development program. Of 21 participants, 17 have been promoted to strategically important positions.
  • Improved and continued strong result in the Sweco Barometer employee survey: index of 72 per cent.
  • 81 per cent of all employees completed Sweco Talk performance reviews

Strategic priorities

Sweco’s knowledge strategy is to effectively utilise the company’s combined expertise to provide the clients with optimal solutions. These solutions enable the clients to carry out their projects with high quality, good economy and the best possible conditions for sustainable development.

Sweco is characterised by a corporate culture of curiosity in which knowledge sharing and teamwork between the Group’s employees are a natural aspect of all dealings with clients. The knowledge and experience gained by the employees in the assignments are safeguarded and developed for future use. The management system sweco@work ensures that the assignments are performed in an optimal manner and that new knowledge is preserved.

Results and activities in 2011

  • Several initiatives started to develop knowledge sharing in the Group, including searchable resumes, a joint reference database and a stronger focus on structured network building.
  • New intranet developed for launch in 2012.
  • English established as the Group’s common language.
  • Two Excellence Meetings held during the year with experts in the railway and water areas from the entire Sweco Group.
  • Implementation of the sweco@work management system in acquired units in Sweden, Lithuania and Finland.

Strategic priorities

Sweco uses a uniform brand in all markets where the company is active to ensure that the clients and other stakeholders have a clear idea of what Sweco does and what we stand for. The brand should express the company’s core values of curiosity, commitment and responsibility. Curiosity drives development, uncovers new knowledge and contributes to better solutions. Commitment provides a foundation for greater work satisfaction, higher quality, deeper relationships and new contact interfaces. Responsibility creates security for our clients.

Results and activities in 2010

  • Customer surveys in Sweden, Norway and Finland show that the company is perceived as a leader in sustainable development and that the wide service offering is a strength.
  • Targeted brand-building toward clients.
  • Implementation of a uniform brand platform in Russia and Poland.

Strategic priorities

Sweco will consolidate its position as the industry leader in the Nordic market, strengthen its positions in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe and consider the opportunities for expansion in Western Europe. The focus is on long-term growth segments such as energy, infrastructure, and water and environment. This growth will take place both organically and through acquisitions. All growth will be accompanied by strict profitability requirements.

Results and activities in 2011

  • Organic growth of 9 per cent.
  • Acquisition-driven growth of 6 per cent.
  • The number of employees passed 3,000 in Sweco Sweden and 1,000 in Sweco Norway.
  • 16 acquisitions completed in areas such as infrastructure in Russia, water and environment in Slovakia, fire protection in Norway, project management in Estonia, and regional statistics and forecasts in Sweden.
  • Agreement to acquire FMC Group in Finland with over 1,100 employees (completed at the beginning of 2012).

Ongoing recovery – strong drivers for the future

In the near term the market is continuing to recover – in a longer perspective there are powerful structural drivers for sustained growth.

Near-term recovery
The consulting engineering market is late in the business cycle. When the financial crisis reached its peak, it took close to six months before the full impact on Sweco’s activity levels was visible. By the same token, the pace of recovery has lagged somewhat behind that for the economy in general. However, in late autumn 2010 it became clear that demand was on the rise in the majority of Sweco’s markets.

When the economy picks up, this increases the need for new investments across most of Sweco’s market segments. Industrial and energy production increase, the real estate market strengthens and the financing opportunities for public infrastructure projects improve.

Sweco’s consultants work in projects that have an impact on the development of society and quality of life, which places stringent demands on consideration to ecological, ethical and socioeconomic aspects. Sweco has opportunities to influence development mainly through its involvement in client projects.

The company’s long-term profitability and growth are driven by solutions that contribute to sustainable development of society, such as urban planning and solutions for renewable energy, efficient traffic, water supply and energy efficiency. As consultants and experts, Sweco’s employees are often deeply involved in the client projects, frequently at an early stage, and therefore have considerable scope to exert an influence.