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  • ACSR/Cable Solutions

    ACSR/Cable Solutions

    Put four cable-annihilating rotary knives on a beefy 600 lb flywheel that’s driven by up to 60 HP of raw power and you have a super heavy-duty rotary shear with a serious appetite. Sweed’s taken their popular 5703 rotary shear, originally introduced in the early 90’s, and given it several key design upgrades with one thing in mind- make a heavy-duty rotary shear that will stand up to the most extreme ACSR challenges.

  • Baling Wire Solutions

    Baling Wire Solutions

    With the of buzz of zero landfill growing and the need to remain efficient in order to stay profitable, scrap baling wire can create a challenge for processors. The traditional manual means of handling high-tensile bale wire scrap is inadequate, wastes valuable space and labor, and increases employee injuries. Sweed® Scrap Choppers provide a solution for this nuisance scrap by getting the baling wire off the production floor quickly, safely, and...

  • Bandsaw Blades Solutions

    Bandsaw Blades Solutions

    Bandsaw blades are dangerous from the very moment you get a new one and have to remove the tie that keeps it bound together. As a result, companies don’t need the additional liability that comes from an unused blade that’s just lying around! By disposing of bandsaw blades with a Sweed® Scrap Chopper, you eliminate the potential of injury from an improperly disposed of blade and you reap the benefits of selling the scrap metal to a...

  • Material Turning Solutions

    Material Turning Solutions

    Sweed Machinery manufactures material handling equipment designed to improve productivity in the workplace while enhancing safety and efficiency for the operator.

  • Material Lifting Solutions

    Material Lifting Solutions

    Sweed Machinery manufactures quality hydraulic scissor lifts to keep products moving and meet your material handling needs. Sweed Scissor Hoists provide the most economical, dependable, and versatile method of lifting heavy loads. They are machined to high tolerances and feature a minimum number of moving parts for decades of industrial use and durability.

  • PET Plastic Strapping Solutions

    PET Plastic Strapping Solutions

    Strapping made from PET plastic has been proven as a strong, dependable alternative for steel strapping up to 3/4” wide. As a result, this PET strapping is showing up in shipping and receiving docks in companies all over the world. Unfortunately, because the strapping is an unruly, tangled mess in its original state (after a load has been de-banded), scrap dealers don’t want to handle it, and companies are left not knowing how to dispose...

  • Slitter Edge Trim Solutions

    Slitter Edge Trim Solutions

    Companies slitting continuous lengths of metal to size deal with dangerous edge trim scrap on a regular basis. However, the by-product of this process no longer has to be labor intensive and potentially hazardous; it can be an opportunity to save time and money.

  • Steel Banding Solutions

    Steel Banding Solutions

    It’s true that the demand for steel banding is declining, but there are still numerous applications in many industries where it is necessary to use. Steel strapping is the most stout of all banding materials. It is commonly used in shipping or storing extreme weight loads that require a high break strength, or when the product is extremely sharp or hot. However, when debanded, steel strapping is very hazardous to workers (especially when left...

  • Tube & Pipe Solutions

    Tube & Pipe Solutions

    Nearly every day mill operators are injured while dealing with red-hot, razor sharp tube scarf. Sweed Machinery’s TS450 OD Scarf Chopper is the solution that is proven to reduce the risk of serious injuries, make handling of scarf manageable, and increase mill production. Installing a Sweed chopper in place of an existing winder eliminates repeated threading of hot scarf, handling heavy scrap balls, and most importantly gets the operator away...