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Synthetic Genomics Inc. was founded to commercialize genomic-driven technologies. The company`s scientific capabilities encompass areas such as environmental genomics, microbiology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, plant genomics, genome engineering, synthetic biology, and climate change. Synthetic Genomics Inc. we are creating genomic-driven commercial solutions to revolutionize many industries. We have started by focusing on energy, but we imagine a future where our science could be used to produce a variety of products, from synthetically derived vaccines to prevent human diseases to efficient cost effective ways to create clean drinking water. The world is dependent on science and we`re leading the way in turning novel science into life-changing solutions.

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Translating scientific breakthroughs into breakthrough products

Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI) is a global leader in the fields of synthetic biology and synthetic genomics utilizing our foundational intellectual property in these rapidly evolving disciplines to design and build biological systems to solve global sustainability challenges.

SGI provides solutions in genomics research, bioproduction, and applied products. Our research segment is focused on genomics solutions for academic and commercial R&D organizations. The commercial products and services include instrumentation, reagents, DNA synthesis services, and bioinformatics services and software.

SGI’s efforts in bio-based production are targeted at improving existing biological production hosts and developing entirely new synthetic production hosts with the goal of more efficient production of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, nutritionals, and bio-industrial products derived from renewable biological resources. Our host systems can also enable entirely new products that were once not scientifically or economically viable.

SGI’s “understanding of life” allows us to address many challenges, from non-GMO food products to complex biological design and engineering projects in biotechnology. Our applied products are typically done in partnership with leading global organizations across a variety of industries.

Synthetic biology is a relatively new area of science in which whole genes and gene pathways, chromosomes and even whole genomes can be constructed using synthetic DNA. These advances are possible because of the basic science breakthroughs of our founders, J. Craig Venter and Hamilton Smith and their team at the J. Craig Venter Institute. First we could read the genetic code of organisms (called sequencing) and with synthetic biology we can write the genetic code to enable a new industrial revolution.

SGI is built on our distinctive scientific knowledge and core proprietary tools and techniques that are applied toward product development in a variety of important industries. Our advantage lies in the decades of pioneering science by our founders and team and the successful application of these advances in a variety of ways. We are leaders in genomics and synthetic biology and have decades of tools, technologies, methodologies and in house knowledge at our fingertips.

We are a synthetic biology company specializing in the synthesis and manipulation of large DNA constructs and in improving gene

synthesis and DNA assembly technology by reducing costs and improving accuracy in automated, scalable production systems. We combine DNA assembly technology with proprietary single cell production host systems, to produce products with competitively-advantaged economics. Utilizing these next-generation genomic tools, we are developing viable products across a broad industry spectrum, from biofuels to nutritional oils and supplements to vaccines and even organ transplants.

We have attracted global corporate partners for many of our programs and our kits, reagents, and instruments are being deployed in some of the world’s top research labs. The addressable synthetic biology market is growing rapidly and represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity. SGI has solutions in all segments of this market. We are commercializing our technology through the following business units: