System Group - Central Tubi

System Group - Central Tubi

System Group started its activity in the manufacture of polyethylene pipes in the eighties. In these 30 years of trajectory and growth, SYSTEM GROUP has become a leading group in the plastic channeling sector thanks to its desire for innovation and continuous improvement. Complete channelling systems in polyethylene - piping systems for water industry and drainage.

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Carretera C-51 Km 22 , Rodonyà , Tarragona 43812 Spain

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Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
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Internationally (various countries)
more than 1,000,000,000 €

Our company starts its activity in 1997 in Rodonyà, Tarragona (Spain) and specializes in the production of double-walled corrugated pipes in PEHD and PP for civil and industrial sanitation facilities, drainage and electrical pipelines, manholes and special pieces.

Since then and thanks to our policies of continuous improvement and innovation, Futura Systems has become a benchmark as a manufacturer of complete systems of polyethylene and polypropylene channeling in more than 30 countries. We are currently one of the leading companies in the Spanish market in the manufacture of corrugated polyethylene pipes, using the most advanced manufacturing techniques with special attention to innovation and research.

We are part of the international group System Group, a pioneer in the research and development of complex systems for channeling plastic materials since 1979. At present, the group has a structure of 25 companies in different countries in Europe and Africa, which makes us a large group. solvency and projection.

The group's factories have always been the most modern in the sector and since its inauguration have had state-of-the-art technology machinery and highly qualified personnel, indispensable aspects to produce products of the best possible quality.

Futura Systems aims to manufacture and supply products that are standardized, safe and reliable and subjected to intense study and continuous improvement, and of course, subjected to an exhaustive quality control.

To achieve this, our activity is based on an ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System certified by 
accredited entities.

Quality for Futura Systems is an imperative in all its products and services and responds to the need to provide the customer with an excellent product, in accordance with the reference standards and subjected to rigorous internal controls and by external agencies. The quality controls are carried out according to the corresponding standards and the investments made in machinery and laboratory equipment allow us to have the most complete and innovative control and testing devices on the market.

We put at your disposal the necessary technical documentation to make comparisons between materials, technical manuals, work memories, specifications and technical data sheets ... We also offer a wide range of services and technical advice of great added value such as:

  • Preparation of customized reports of hydraulic calculation
  • Preparation of mechanical verification reports to determine the suitability of the installation of the pipes
  • Developments of special pieces made to measure
  • Testing of Products in our internal laboratory (customer audit): carrying out the control tests according to the requirements of the corresponding product UNEstandards in the presence of construction management, facultative management, property, etc.
  • Guided visits to the factory and product presentation

Our Technical Department is at the service of our clients to be able to contrast their own plans, projects and ideas with our staff. In this way we offer tailored solutions for each specific case.

The centralization of all technical aspects in a single department allows us to improve and streamline the service. The specialization and optimization of the proposed solutions is an important service of great added value that all the companies of System Group offer to their clients. Each company in the group specializes in a specific line of products and in this way we can offer global solutions and experiences at an international level.

Customized solutions

Our Technical Department provides an invaluable support to the designers through technical advice and through the proposal of alternatives and customized solutions based on our wide portfolio of products of the group, always with the purpose of finding the best option at a technical and economic level.

Work Assistance: pre-sale and after-sales service

We offer technical assistance during the phases prior to the execution of the works as well as during the execution of the same.

  • Pre-sale services: study of the feasibility of changing materials, technical comparisons, carrying out hydraulic and mechanical verification reports, design and development of special customized pieces ...
  • After-sales services: technical support during the execution and installation phases, assistance for sealing tests on site according to UNE 1610 ...
Mechanical and Hydraulic Verification. Cost analysis

We have specialized software for the preparation of hydraulic and mechanical verification reports that determine the suitability of both the installation in ditches and the dimensioning of the ducts.

The static verification is based on mechanical calculations of deformation of the pipes according to the installation conditions (dimensioning of trench, type of filling materials, degree of compaction, dynamic loads, presence of water tables ...).

The calculation procedure is based on the specifications described in the reference standards UNE 53331 IN and UNE EN 1295.

The hydraulic verification consists in the hydraulic study of the pipelines: flow rates, fluid velocity, hydraulic radius, maximum and minimum slopes ... The calculation method, at the client's choice (Manning, Bazin, Kutter Gauckler-Streicker Colebrook method) based on the coefficient of friction-roughness-characteristic of the raw material of the pipes.