Tadger Group International

Tadger Group International will reduce emissions from diesel and gas combustion engines throughout the world one engine at a time. In doing so we will contribute to a cleaner healthier environment for our customers, their children, and ours. The TADGER is a patented means to allow the fuel, on any gas or diesel engine, to burn more efficiently. By installing a TADGER on the input fuel line of your engine you will enhance the combustion efficiency resulting in reduced emissions and improved mileage.

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45 Kingspoint Circle , Stoney Creek , ON L8E 6E6 Canada

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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Tadger Group International (TGI) is a Canadian Provincial Corporation founded in Ontario, Canada in March 2001. Through its exclusive, long-term technology licensing agreement, TGI coordinates manufacturing, markets, promotes, and oversees installations of the Tadger Emission Reducer throughout the world in the transportation fleet and consumer automotive aftermarket industries.

TGI Management believes that multiple factors strongly favor the penetration of the Tadger Emission Reducer into the market. Today these factors include:
1. high (and rising) energy prices
2. increasing air pollution and global warming concerns
3. government mandates for reduced emissions for existing mobile sources
4. private corporations demand for improved mileage on new engine technology

Tadger Group International was founded to capitalize upon the market opportunity created by the demand for less pollution from mobile sources and lower fuel costs.

Generally, emission reductions for existing mobile sources can be achieved with post-combustion, engine additive or pre-combustion technology. TGI elected to focus its market penetration in the pre-combustion technology because of the affordability and ability for a quick payback through the fuel savings.

TGI’s primary market, the global, commercial fleet industry, is extremely large and growing. There are nine (9) vertical market segments in each country where the Tadger technology can be utilized.

TGI has an experienced management team that is skilled at bringing new engineering technology to market. The team’s diverse backgrounds include national-level sales, management consulting, product engineering, and government.

Tadger Group International will increase both the environmental responsibility and profitability, of businesses globally, by providing innovative products and services. In doing so we will contribute to a cleaner healthier environment for our customers, their children and ours.