We are a worldwide company specialized in the development and supply of tailor made solutions to meet today industry’s challenges with tomorrow technologies in the fields of materials handling, lifting and waste treatment. We strives for excellence in management providing satisfaction to our customers, shareholders, employees and partners. Our corporate Mission, Vision and Values are the framework for our strategy and policy of excellence; focusing our success on innovation and technology, our people, total quality and competitiveness. Our employees aspire to be considered by our customers as the best answer to their needs, providing efficient turnkey projects and solutions all over the world.

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Carretera de Castellón, km 6,3, Polígono Industrial La Cartuja , Zaragoza , 50013 Spain

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Manufacturing, Other
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We give deeply customized support to our customers, trying to surpass at any moment their most demanding expectations concerning the scope and quality of our projects.

I want to thank our customers for their confidence in TAIM WESER and to transmit my commitment and that of all the employees improving day to day our quality and service.

1953: The founding of TAIM

In 1953 the company Talleres Auxiliares de la Industria Minera (TAIM) is created to expand development of mine mechanisation.

1973: TAIM-TFG is born

In 1973 TAIM S.A. acquires the shares and property of TFG S.A. and then later merged the two companies into one giving birth to TAIM-TFG S.A.

2004: TAIM CADÉ BRASIL is created

In 2004 a strategic alliance is created between TAIM-TFG and the Brazilian company CADÉ do Brasil to create an affiliate company of TAIM-TFG in Brazil, with the object of attending to the Brazilian and neighbouring markets, with special emphasis in the MERCOSUR markets. This leads to the founding of TAIM CADÉ Brasil Ltd.


In 2006 TAIM-TFG S.A acquires the German company WESER ENGINEERING GmbH, a specialist in material handling projects and waste treatment plants, with which the potential of TAIM-TFG in these two sectors is greatly enhanced.

2008: The brand TAIM WESER is born

In May 2008 the brands of TAIM-TFG and WESER ENGINEERING are unified into the brand TAIM WESER. The process is completed by changing the company names to TAIM WESER S.A. and TAIM WESER GmbH in Spain and Germany respectively. Both companies are independent and operating under the laws of their respective countries.

This long track record has given TAIM WESER profound knowledge in our business sectors, permitting us to attend to any necessities our clients may require.