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  • A Victorian hospital - case study

    A Victorian hospital - case study

    Problem: This is an old town hospital built in the mid-1800s. It now has 156 beds and serves as a Community and Mental Health Hospital. The water services on site are a mix of new and very old so, as the recommended temperatures could not be ...

  • Office building - case study

    Office building - case study

    Problem: This high profile, high rise new build in The City of London specified the most effective and environmentally friendly methods of complying with ACoP L8. Solution: An engineering company was commissioned to examine and test this specific ...

  • Commercial vehicle wash - case study

    Commercial vehicle wash - case study

    Problem: A large city local authority identified significant infection risks at one of its waste depots, where its fleet of dust carts were cleaned using a commercial vehicle wash on a daily basis. This vehicle wash recycles the water, and was ...

  • International sailing centre - case study

    International sailing centre - case study

    Problem: The high week-end and low weekday use of this facility, plus seasonal variations in water usage, led to an increase in detected legionella counts. A solution was required that would be easy to control, simple to retro-fit and would ...

  • Golf club - case study

    Golf club - case study

    Problem: This site in the Midlands had no cold water storage. The mains fed to the showers regularly tested positive for Legionella. Solution: A Tarn-Pure™ system was installed on the incoming main and a flushing regime implemented. The ...