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TEA, Inc.

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  • Remediation

    Toxicological & Environmental Associates, Inc. (TEA) is a proven, national leader in the implementation of innovative remediation strategies and technologies. We designed, implemented (and currently manage) one of the largest industrial chlorinated solvent bio-remediation programs in the country. Additionally, TEA implemented one of the largest Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI) DNAPL remediation projects in the U.S.

  • Bioremediation Services

    Bioremediation Services

    The remediation engineers of TEA are experts in the design, implementation, negotiation, and evaluation of engineered in-situ bioremediation systems. TEA frequently uses bioremediation for elimination of organic chemical contaminants at client sites. This technology relies on naturally occurring aerobic and anaerobic bacteria as well as fungi in some cases to degrade and mineralize anthropogenic chemicals in soil and groundwater. Successful...

  • Engineered Phytoremediation System

    Engineered Phytoremediation System

    Phytoremediation is a proven green and sustainable remediation strategy that can provide outstanding results in the cleanup of contaminated soils, groundwater, and even wastewater. Because of our extensive experience in this area, TEA has enhanced and extended the effectiveness of the standard phytoremediation. We call it our Engineered_Phytoremediation approach, EnPhySys.

  • Microbiological & Biogeochemical Studies

    Microbiological & Biogeochemical Studies

    Natural attenuation is an important mechanism at many contaminated sites because it can limit pollutant migration and simultaneously reduce contaminant mass in the subsurface. Characterizing these mechanisms involves both qualifying and quantifying the impact of natural attenuation by establishing a comprehensive field sampling, analysis, and data interpretation program which specifically meets well defined data quality objectives. Finally, the...

  • Soil Remediation Services

    Soil Remediation Services

    TEA uses a multidisciplinary team approach, has formulated, designed, and implemented numerous site-specific soil remediation strategies. These strategies have addressed a wide range of contaminants of concern, from volatile organic constituents to metals in soil. The team approach at TEA consists of input from engineers, geologists, and toxicologists with regards the most cost-effective and technologically sound approach for design of the soil...