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Founded in 1980, Tech Oil Products, Inc. is known for the Enviro-Pak® line of compactors, balers, galley grinders, and other waste management solutions for the offshore and maritime industries. The company is also known for SafeSub®, an innovative solution for the handling and transporting of drilling subs, and its Recycle The Gulf® program for the Gulf of Mexico, a partnership between oil companies, drilling contractors, and Tech Oil Products that has recycled over 10 million pounds of waste as of 2014.

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4308 West Admiral Doyle Dr. , New Iberia , LA 70560 USA

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Waste and Recycling
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Globally (various continents)
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Simply put, the Tech Oil Products' line of ENVIRO-PAK® compactorsbalerssub basketsdrum crushersfilter crushers, and food grinders helps our customers to increase profits, efficiency and safety while achieving their operating goals. What better reasons could there be to use our products?

Customers across various industries who invest in ENVIRO-PAK® waste management solutions not only reap financial rewards – they also receive the added bonus of protecting their employees and the environment. Some of the many benefits offered by ENVIRO-PAK® include:

Safer Environment – Since 1980, there have been no loss time accidents with the operation of our equipment. This is a remarkable testament to our dedication to designing products to the highest quality standards. Our commitment to the oil & gas and maritime industries has resulted in simple, safe and reliable equipment that is roughneck-proof and designed for easy operation.

Reduced Costs – ENVIRO-PAK® solutions have a positive impact on transportation, fuel, utility and labor expenses. By compacting and/or baling trash, our customers require less fuel and labor to remove waste. In addition, labor is reduced or redirected to more productive, profitable assignments.

Maximized Space – We realize that rig and deck space is limited, and that's why ENVIRO-PAK® compactors and balers are designed to occupy the minimum amount of space while producing the maximum compaction rate. The resulting increased space on oil rigs, platforms and vessels can then be used for profit-generating activities.

Cleaner Environment – Compacting and baling waste promotes a healthier environment. ENVIRO-PAK® is dedicated to helping offshore drilling rigs, offshore production platforms and marine vessels in the fight against pollution. To this end, our Recycle the Gulf® program can help your entire Gulf of Mexico fleet embrace recycling.

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EPA Gulf Guardian Award-Winning Program
Protecting our environment and enhancing our community are noble goals that we believe make our Recycle the Gulf program very important. Developed by Tech Oil Products in 2002, Recycle the Gulf is an offshore waste and recycling program that is a true partnership between oil companies, drilling contractors and Tech Oil Products. While dedicated to improving and protecting the environment, Recycle the Gulf also benefits The ARC of Iberia – a program that assists people with disabilities.

Recycle the Gulf is completely voluntary and has been recognized for its collaborative environmental efforts. In addition, the program was honored with the Gulf Guardian Award presented by the Environmental Protection Agency.

As of 2009, Recycle the Gulf participants have recycled more than 4.1 million pounds of waste. And perhaps just as importantly, the resulting proceeds from recyclables have allowed ARC of Iberia to employ 20 disabled individuals. Joining our Recycle the Gulf program brings many benefits including:

  • Enriching the Community – All Recycle the Gulf partners are truly investing in the community. By donating recyclables to ARC of Iberia, participants are improving the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. ARC of Iberia's mission is to provide disabled people with the opportunity to develop, function and live to their fullest potential – and your company can help fulfill that mission by joining Recycle the Gulf.
  • Improving the Environment – Recycle the Gulf implements Enviro-Pak equipment on offshore drilling rigs, production platforms and offshore installations to apply a waste management plan and prevent disposal of trash into the sea. In turn, Enviro-Pak compaction and baling machines help to protect oceanic wildlife and vegetation by creating a healthier, cleaner environment. In addition, the program reduces the waste that contributes to our ever-growing landfills. Overall, Recycle the Gulf is a great way for our partners to improve the environmental impact and influence of their organizations.
  • Environmental Standard Compliance – Recycle the Gulf assists companies in becoming compliant with standards set by MARPOL73/78 and ISO 14001. Both MARPOL73/78 and ISO 14001 require that environmental management systems be utilized by maritime organizations. Recycle the Gulf implements a defined procedure for collecting, storing, processing and recycling offshore waste.

Manufacturing Marine Waste and Cargo Equipment to the Highest Safety Compliance Standards

Since 1980, Tech Oil Products, Inc. has patented many compactors and balers and is positioned as one of the top manufacturers in the marine and energy equipment industry. We are committed to making the highest quality equipment possible, and our trash compactors, commercial balers, drum crushers, food grinders, filter crushers, and offshore baskets are the results of years of experience and safe operation. We are constantly evaluating and improving our designs.

In manufacturing, our quality standards and commitment to safety are implemented across all phases.

  • We require all welds to be to AWS D1.1 specfications.
  • We use high quality steel in all of our units.
  • We cut, bend, fit, blast, and paint the steel and assemble all units in-house to ensure complete control over quality and manufacturing.
  • Each unit is inpsected for quality and compliance at each step in the manufacturing process.
  • We use the latest standards applicable for our marine coating paint system.
  • The hydraulic fluids used in our units is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and non-toxic.
  • We are proud to say that 100% of our manufacturing is done the USA.
  • Our brand of Enviro-Pak equipment can be offered with an explosion proof operating system, HEPA filtration, and fire suppression.
  • All ENVIRO-PAK products can be manufactured to meet specific safety requirements, such as IEC, NEC, ATEX, and VOC Regulations.

Custom Capabilities to Suit Our Customer's Needs
Tech Oil Product's units are manufactured to suit our customer's unique needs. All products can be manufactured to meet specific regulations , such as DNV, ABS, Coast Guard, MMS, and OSHA Standards. Tech Oil Products understands the unique difficulties and dangers presented on offshore installations. We strive to understand our customer's needs in designing progressive equipment that exceeds the most stringent safety standards. Our consultants are prepared to work with each unique application of our industrial waste and offshore baskets.

Environmental Standard Compliance
Our Recycle the Gulf Program assists companies in becoming compliant with standards regulated by MARPOL 73/78, ISO 14001, and Green Passport. By partnering with Tech Oil Products and implementing Enviro-Pak waste and recycling equipment, our customers are defining a procedure for collecting, storing, processing, and recycling offshore waste.

TOP Offshore Baskets and SafeSub Protecting Roustabouts & Roughnecks from Serious Injury
Tech Oil Products remains the innovator in resolving offshore cargo challenges. TOP Offshore Baskets and SafeSub Baskets meet and exceed the toughest safety regulations. Our marine baskets are designed for safe, simple, and reliable handling. All Tech Oil baskets are certified by third-party, licensed engineers. Our cargo equipment is manufactured to meet BHP, BP, Shell, and other major operator requirements. TOP Offshore Baskets are designed and tested to align with British Standard 7072 and DNV2.7-2, as well as other safety standards. Additionally, as part of our custom capabilities, Tech Oil Products can manufacture offshore baskets to our customer's specific safety requirements. Our customer's may access certification documents in our Basket Certificate Database.