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Technical Response Planning Corp. (TRP) Software

  • Response Planning Module

  • Emergency Response Plans Software

    Emergency Response Plans Software

    TRP specializes in developing company-wide, universally accessible Emergency Response Plans capable of being utilized for every site, potential hazard, and regulatory requirement. TRP's Emergency Response Plans incorporate site-specific actions and consistent best-practice procedures that significantly improve quality, accessibility, and accuracy of response planning programs.

  • Version OPA 90 - Facility Response Plans Software

    Version OPA 90 - Facility Response Plans Software

    TRP offers comprehensive planning services and systems that satisfy OPA 90 requirements for oil and gas, refining, manufacturing, pipeline, utilities, chemical, and other industries. Additional services include design and facilitation of exercises to satisfy regulatory requirements.

  • Crisis Management Plans Software

    Crisis Management Plans Software

    Every crisis situation can have a negative impact on a company’s short and long-term reputation, financial performance, and overall longevity. Therefore, it is critical that a crisis management response framework be in place long before a crisis occurs. An effective Crisis Management Plan can result in:

  • SPCC Plans Software

    SPCC Plans Software

    By utilizing TRP’s SMARTPLAN technology to manage SPCC plans, companies can verify compliance and spill response readiness through a cohesive, yet site-specific standardization of best practices. While each SPCC plan must be unique to the facility it covers, certain standard elements must be included to ensure regulatory compliance. TRP has developed thousands of SPCC Plans for a multitude of industries, ranging from oil production to automotive...

  • Fire Pre-Plans Software

    Fire Pre-Plans Software

    Fire Pre-Plans are utilized for detailed pre-planning for fires. Development of these plans reduces the response time and improves the effectiveness of a response in the event of a fire. TRP has developed thousands of fire pre-plans.

  • Office/Building Emergency Action Plans Software

    Office/Building Emergency Action Plans Software

    Office/Building Emergency Action Plans facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during workplace emergencies. OSHA requires employers to develop a written emergency action plan when more than ten employees are physically on location.