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  • Manowar - Scraper

    Manowar - Scraper

    Scraper technology has been stagnant, fabricating the same bridge scraper for bottom and floating sludge collection, with the same old corrosion and maintenance problems, until today. With the Manowar design, all past flaws are corrected. Even though the function is the same, the design is completely different to the old models. Based on a traction system attached to the wall of the tank, there are no more bridges but two floating...

  • Tecno Classic - Circular Scraper

    Tecno Classic - Circular Scraper

    The Tecno Classic Scrapers have been developed with the EASY-INSTALL technology, which allows an easy and fast installation with no need of specialized technicians; thanks to this technology, the installation of our equipment abroad is easy and inexpensive; the Tecno Classic with the EASY-INSTALL technology have been installed in Spain, Mexico, Australia and more… The Tecno Classic model has been calculated to offer the...

  • Tecno Converting - Rectangular Scraper

    Tecno Converting - Rectangular Scraper

    Evolution´s logic guide us towards modern plastic components. They are more durable, lighter, simple and safer to handle and fabricate. They are maintenance free and withstand the highest workload demands.

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  • TecnoTec - Hexagonal Lamella System

    TecnoTec - Hexagonal Lamella System

    Sedimentation is the one most widely used process to separate solids from liquids. The TECNOTEC Lamella Modules increase the specific contact surface, causing an acceleration in the suspended solids separation thus accelerating the decantation process. Lamellae are ideal for depuration, potabilization and storm tanks. Besides, installing lamellas in decanter tanks allow the increase of treatment capacity without modifying...

  • TecnoPlate - Lamella Plates

    TecnoPlate - Lamella Plates

    Based upon our dimensioning calculation, we fabricate to measure the best lamella for each decantation process, every time securing the best performance of your plant. Based on the type of water to be treated, the TecnoPlate lamella can be built in different materials, such as:

  • Tecno-Grabber - Waste Collection Mesh

    Tecno-Grabber - Waste Collection Mesh

    TecnoConverting Engineering has developed the new Tecno-Grabber® containment system, made of an ultra-resistant plastic material, each Tecno-Grabber® unit is capable to stand up to more than 100kg of weight and can be reused.