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Tekran Instruments Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced systems for ambient and point-source mercury monitoring. With pioneering expertise in cold vapor atomic fluorescence detection, Tekran has become the trusted source for accurate and reliable measurement of ultra-trace mercury levels. Tekran has provided more ambient and CEM systems than any other supplier worldwide.

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330 Nantucket Boulevard , Toronto , ON M1P 2P4 Canada

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We are the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced systems for laboratory, ambient air, petroleum, point-source mercury monitoring, and methyl mercury analysis. With pioneering expertise in cold vapor atomic fluorescence detection, Tekran continues to expand and refine products for measurement of ultra-trace mercury levels.


Tekran was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1989 to develop custom analytical instrumentation for environmental analysis. Our first analyzer, the Tekran 2537, was introduced in 1993 and is now widely accepted as the gold standard for automated ambient air analysis of mercury. Tekran continues to expand and improve our product lines, which are focused exclusively on instruments and systems for mercury measurement. We now offer systems for ambient air mercury speciation monitoring, automated analysis of total mercury and methyl mercury in environmental samples, total mercury in natural gas, and mercury continuous emission monitoring of coal-fired power plants and other industrial emission sources. We also offer a wide range of secondary equipment to support our main product lines.

Who We Are

Tekran Instruments Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced systems for ambient air, laboratory analysis, and point-source mercury monitoring. With pioneering expertise in cold vapor atomic fluorescence detection, Tekran has become the trusted source for accurately and reliably measuring ultra-trace levels of mercury. Tekran has provided more automated air analyzers and Hg-CEM monitoring systems than any other supplier worldwide.

What We Do

Tekran is an international leader in environmental measurement technology, serving the needs of industry, government and research institutions with applications ranging from pure research to primary manufacturing. We revolutionized continuous mercury monitoring through the use of cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotometry and pure gold preconcentration. Tekran’s systems for ultra-trace measurement of mercury in ambient air, stack emissions and environmental samples are extraordinarily sensitive and robust with detection limits of less than 1 picogram absolute and practical immunity to interfering compounds.


Tekran is known worldwide for the accuracy and dependability of our equipment and will continue to exceed customer expectations. From developing the industry’s first proven ambient air analyzer and mercury Hg-CEMs, Tekran has been at the forefront of the mercury measurement industry since 1992. For example, the Tekran 3310 Elemental Mercury Calibration Source was chosen by the US National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) as the “NIST Prime” which is used to certify all other Hg-CEM calibration sources.

Tekran’s research and development efforts continue to be headed by cofounders Frank Schaedlich and Dan Schneeberger. Our unique solutions and industry leading designs have been awarded numerous patents. With our growing staff of research engineers and technicians, the Tekran team leads the way with employee commitment to innovation, quality and customer service. As we pursue future opportunities, we know Tekran has the people, technology and resources to measure up to your standards and ours.


As a member of the TSI family, Tekran is backed by world-class design, manufacturing and customer support facilities that position us to meet the demands of a global market. TSI Incorporated provides Tekran with the ability quickly ramp production, delivering large scale mercury monitoring solutions to industry. For more information, see www.tsi.com.

From its inception in Toronto, Canada by the two founders in 1989, Tekran has steadily expanded its staff, capabilities, and facilities locations. Beyond Toronto, we have offices in Knoxville, TN, Seattle, WA, and manufacturing and administrative support in Shoreview, MN. We have also expanded our global reach with key partners who represent Tekran in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. The success of our company is a direct result of the quality of our technology, our personnel, and commitment to our customers. Tekran remains focused exclusively on production of instrumentation for mercury measurement and the attendant support services. Our core development team of engineers, chemists and project managers has over a decade or more of experience in their respective fields. Below are some of the key personnel in the Tekran family.


Tekran frequently attends scientific conferences to share our research in the oral presentation sessions, set up information booths in the vendor sections, offer classroom sessions on topics pertinent to low-level mercury analysis for conference participants, and to learn from our colleagues and customers. In addition, our Hg-CEM division occasionally offer outreach workshops to keep our customers up to date on the latest information, analytical techniques, and hardware updates. Below is a list of recent and upcoming conferences in which Tekran will participate.


Periodically, Tekran publishes newsletters to announce new developments and activities of our customers. If you missed one of our publications, all can be downloaded in this section. Let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list.