Teledyne Analytical Instruments

Teledyne Analytical Instruments

Teledyne Analytical Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality gas and liquid analyzers. With over 50 years of experience, Teledyne`s product line includes electrochemical sensors, analyzers, and custom systems which combine expertise in electronics, chemistry and engineering. TAI provides scientific solutions for chemical analysis problems. Oxygen analyzers using electrochemical, paramagnetic, and zirconium oxide sensors; flue gas and emissions monitoring analyzers and systems; process photometers - UV, Vis, NIR, IR; carbon monoxide and flammable gas analyzers; trace hydrogen and thermal conductivity gas analyzers; FID based hydrocarbon analyzers; moisture analyzers; sensors and detectors.

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16830 Chestnut St , City of Industry , California 91748 USA
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Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)

Known for Oxygen Analysis
TAI has over 15 sensing technologies to continuously monitor a variety of process gas and liquid parameters.

Known for oxygen analysis, our broad line of trace and percent oxygen analyzers fulfill every major application. We even have a complete line of portables. And our unequaled custom oxygen analysis systems handle the more complicated jobs.

What We Offer

  • Oxygen analyzers using electrochemical, paramagnetic, and zirconium oxide sensing technologies in an array of configurations from the lightest portable to the most rugged explosion proof system
  • A complete line of industrial oxygen sensors, each designed for fast response, specific measurement ranges, tough background gases and other unique requirements
  • Medical oxygen monitors and oxygen sensors
  • Oxygen monitors for OEM applications in the automotive, diving, medical, safety, and food transport industries
  • Oxygen monitors for mixed gas diving

Teledyne Analytical Instruments is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high quality measurement and control instrumentation. With over 50 years experience, the company's mission is to meet industry's varied requirements for gas and liquid analysis.

Founded in 1946 as Research Instrument Corporation, a division of Applied Physics, the company was renamed Analytic Systems when acquired by United Electro Dynamics in 1957. In 1964, Teledyne, Inc. acquired United Electro Dynamics, and Analytic Systems group became Teledyne Analytical Instruments.

Since then TAI experienced an amalgamation in 1993 with an aerospace technology leader, Teledyne Brown Engineering out of Huntsville, Alabama and was briefly known as Teledyne Brown Engineering Analytical Instruments. Early in 1996, the company became a business unit of Teledyne Electronic Technologies, changing the company name to its present designation of Teledyne Electronic Technologies Analytical Instruments.

The company's product line includes sensors and detectors, analyzers, and custom systems for on-line and portable analysis of gases and liquids. This complete line combines expertise in electronics, chemistry and engineering design. Detailed attention to customer needs and dedication to the highest standards of performance and quality are company priorities. Teledyne Analytical Instruments is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Teledyne Analytical Instruments is a business unit of Teledyne Electronic Technologies, a Teledyne Technologies company (NYSE: TDY).

Primary Business

Manufacturer and marketer of sensors, analyzers, and systems for chemical stream analysis, flue gas monitoring, pollution abatement, air separation, gas purity, safety and life support. Industries served include air separation/bulk industrial gas manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical processing, cement, metals and metal processing, oil and gas, medical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper, safety, semiconductor and electronics, and steel.

Our Quality Policy

Teledyne Analytical Instruments is dedicated to a never ending commitment to improve the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers through:

  • Products that consistently meet customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements for performance, reliability, and durability
  • Service to our customers that is prompt and courteous
  • Deliveries that are on time
  • Involvement and accountability of our entire management team

The success of the Quality Policy and Objectives will be assessed through measurable data collected and discussed during management review.

Our employees pledge to meet this commitment through a quality process based upon a solid foundation of ethical principles, conscientious attention to detail, proven product engineering, and manufacturing practices.