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  • Customer Support Services

    Customer Support Services

    Teledyne CETAC Technologies believes that when you buy a CETAC product, our job has only just begun. It is important to us that you know how to operate your CETAC product properly and that you receive courteous and knowledgeable customer support when you need it. We recognize that timely support is important to you and we are committed to helping you obtain the maximum use from your CETAC product.

  • Instrument Repairs

  • RMA Information Services

    RMA Information Services

    CETAC Technologies requires a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number be assigned prior to equipment being returned for service. Please contact Customer Support to obtain an RMA number.

  • Depot Services

    Depot Services

    When your CETAC product requires repair or routine preventive maintenance, our Depot Service Center can help ensure efficient, convenient service with minimal downtime. First, a technical support specialist will assist you in troubleshooting your issue over the phone. If a repair is necessary, a specialist will arrange for fast repair and return of your CETAC product.

  • Contracts Services

    Contracts Services

    Every CETAC instrument includes a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. CETAC recognizes your support needs and has designed service contracts to meet these needs.

  • Service & Support

    Service & Support

    CETAC Automation values our customers.  Our priority is supporting them, while building and maintaining our strong OEM Automation partnerships. Product Support Training: Thoroughly trained CETAC technicians are available to assist you, at your facility, or at our facility, with your CETAC Automation products.

  • Training and Installation Services

    Training and Installation Services

    A CETAC Service Representative, upon request, can perform installations of any CETAC products. Hands on training seminars are available for our Laser Ablation products at CETAC headquarters or at the customer site. These seminars cover operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.