Teledyne Hanson Research

Teledyne Hanson Research

Hanson Research is a global technology company that specializes in analytical test instruments for the pharmaceutical industry. Founded by the innovator of modern dissolution test technology, Hanson Research helps ensure the world’s pharmaceuticals are pure, safe, and effective by manufacturing equipment that sets the global standard for quality, innovation, and long-term value. Hanson instruments are used by scientists in over 75 countries worldwide and are supported by the industry’s top customer service team.

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9810 Variel Avenue , Chatsworth , CA 91311 USA
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Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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We are a global technology company based in Southern California that invents, engineers, and manufactures dissolution and diffusion test instruments that set the standard for the entire industry. We take great pride in the fact that our research and equipment help ensure the world’s pharmaceuticals are pure, safe, and effective.


Our founder, William A. (“Bill”) Hanson, Ph.D., had an engineer’s mind and a scientist’s passion for human health. His inventions and manufacturing expertise created the modern dissolution industry and the company that bears his name.

Today, the world knows Bill Hanson as the “Father of Dissolution,” and we at Teledyne Hanson Research continue to innovate and improve every detail of our operation, products, and services as we set the standard for a new century of analytical test instruments.


  • Bill Hanson launched Hanson Research in 1951 in Los Angeles.
  • We wrote the Handbook of Dissolution Testing.
  • We were a private, family-owned business for 65 years.
  • We joined Teledyne Technologies in December 2016.
  • Our company’s official name is Teledyne Hanson Research, Inc.
  • 40% of our people have been with us for 10 years or longer.


  • It was our founder Bill Hanson’s favorite color.
  • We were founded in sunny Los Angeles back when it was still known – for its thriving citrus industry – as the center of the “Orange Empire.”
  • You can pick out a Hanson instrument from across the lab.

Teledyne Hanson Research is committed to outstanding customer service and technical support worldwide. For more than fifty years, we have been providing a wealth of expertise and support for companies of every size performing release-rate testing using the simplest to the most complex methods. We believe our international network provides an essential platform for broader achievements as well, including our commitment to help developing countries establish modern quality standards. We continue to partner with governments, institutions, and key customers worldwide to reach this goal.


Empowering scientists to obtain highly precise, consistently repeatable results in release-rate testing is our aim. We work closely with a broad range of USP, US FDA, industry, and academia stakeholders to continuously advance the state of the art, doing our part by building the most advanced analytical capabilities into our systems. In demanding laboratory research and QC environments, Hanson instruments are geared to perform flawlessly day after day, year after year with components made to the strictest tolerances and assembled with uncompromising integrity. As a result, Hanson systems have become the benchmark for long-term performance and value.


We manufacture all of our products in America to ensure we meet the high quality standards our customers expect and to support the local businesses and communities of which we are a part. All of our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured through rigorous process that ensures the highest possible performance.

Analysis of actual QC and R&D laboratory needs.

  • Extensive in-house and field testing of all prototypes.
  • In-house engineering and manufacturing at our California facility.
  • Innovation in hardware and software to increase throughput and performance.
  • QA testing of every instrument system before it is approved for customer use.


Every lab is unique. Whether you switch between radically different procedures or run a single protocol 24-7, picking the best test equipment from a brochure or a website is almost impossible.

That’s why we work with you to help you find exactly what your objective is before you order. We install and qualify the equipment and train your teams to make sure you are set up to successfully run your methods.


Teledyne Hanson Research designs, manufactures, and services high quality, world-class analytical test instruments for the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Government, and Academic environments. Teledyne Hanson is committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations and regulatory requirements. Teledyne Hanson provides our customers value and builds customer satisfaction through the effective application and continual improvement of the Quality Business Management System (QBMS). Teledyne Hanson established this QBMS to comply with all ISO 9001 requirements and to ensure quality products and dependable customer service.