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Tengda Machinery

From its birth, Tengda Machinery engage in the equipment related to recycling, reusing of various industrial and biomass waste. What we are good at is briquetting technology and thermal process/dehydration technology. Energy shortage is a serious question for all of the human on this planet. Various waste could be transformed to something valuable by our equipment, and become alternative energy, especially bioenergy. Also, along with the transformation process, stress comes from environment pollution is relieved. That`s what we are proud of. Reduce, recycle, reuse. We are doing some efforts to change the world into a better one. When it comes to briquetting machine and rotary dryer, let`s face it: we are not the only one who make them. Why we are better? The answer is we always aim at the quality. Innovation spirit keeps us moving on and on. This pursuit makes us stronger. What we are bad at, we make it good; what we are good at, we make it better.

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Gongyi , Zhengzhou China
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste to Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We are more than an equipment company, we are solution provider. What we supply to customers are not products, but the confidence to gain profit. We are an experienced team, from the designer, product manager to installation engineer, fabricator. All of us work together to provide the best service.

We supply a complete briquetting production line for briquetting machine, roller press and briquetting press, mineral jig concentrator you can find what you want here.

Aiming at protecting environment & recycling waste & saving energy, we are an experienced machinery manufacturer and exporter for various industries in China. 

Engaged in bulk materials handling and industrial drying for many years, we grow up to a team who could provide design, develop, manufacturing service. Our briquetting machine and rotary dryer have helped many clients to solve their problems in production.

During briquetting process, powder and granule materials are compacted into strong briquettes with defined shape and size. This brings many advantages:
  • Reduce dust pollution
  • Transfer waste into clean energy
  • Reduce package, storage, transportation cost due to volume reduction

As an experienced manufacturer of briquetting machine and rotary dryer in China, we are proud to be an expert in this area. We would supply feasibility study, pilot plant, consultant service and after-sales service for the ones who are facing the waste & by-product in powder or granule form.

With or without binder, briquetting process means the roll compaction of particles and fines. High quality briquetting machine and related products are here at competitive price.

Now our briquettig machine has been applied in three areas: chemical industry, mineral& ore, waste & product.
Materials that can be processed by briquetting machine could be categorized into three areas:
Chemical industry: carbon black, charcoal, quicklime, burnt lime, lime, gypsum, chemical powder, petroleum coke, coke breeze, sodium sulphate, sodium carbonate, etc.
Mineral & ore: coal, anthracite fines, bituminous coal powder, coal dust, slack coal, coal fines, screenings, fluorite powder, mineral powder, metal powder, iron concentrate, iron powder, ilmenite concentrate, magnetite concentrate,dolomite, laterite, alumina, aluminum powder, manganese powder, magnesia powder, ferrosilicon powder, silicon carbide, magnesium oxide, china clay, kaolin clay, iron ore fines, manganese ore fines, chrome ore fines, nickel ore fines, laterite ore fines, chromite ore fines, sponge iron, etc.
Waste & by-product: aluminum dross, fly ash, iron oxide, mill scale, oxide scale, iron scale, oxide skin, solid waste, mill dust, sintering fines, tailings, iron dust, converter dust, ashes, filter dust, steel sludge, steel slag, iron sludge, steelwork sludge, steelwork dust, flue dust, steel mill dust, steel-mill waste, steel mill sludge, metallurgical residues, brass dust, steel mill residue, etc.
Pilot plant is here to test the project feasibility. Welcome to visit our company with your material. As a professional briquetting solution provider and briquetting machine manufacturer, we would supply satisfying service for you at competitive price.