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  • Waste Briquetting

  • TD - Aluminum Dross Briquetting Press

    TD - Aluminum Dross Briquetting Press

    Aluminum dross, or aluminum ash is the mixture of metallic aluminum and non-metal part mostly aluminum oxide. Dross is formed on the surface of molten aluminum or its alloys by oxidation. It is a valuable byproduct of any aluminum smelter or aluminum foundry, which is recycled to recover the valuable aluminum metal worldwide. The recoverable metal content varies from 10% to 70%. Typical dross generation from a primary operation can be from 0.8% to...

  • TD - Mill Scale Briquetting Machine

    TD - Mill Scale Briquetting Machine

    During various stages of iron and steel production a number of iron bearing by-products are generated. Since these by-products can’t be recycled back in fine form, they need to be agglomerated. The traditional way to recycle them back to blast furnace has been the balling and sintering process. Steel mill produce wastes & by-products in large amount every year, such as 

  • TD - Flue Dust Briquetting Machine

    TD - Flue Dust Briquetting Machine

    Flue dust briquetting machine is particularly adapted for converting iron ore fines, blast furnace flue dust, mill scale, steel slag, steel sludge and other sources of iron and iron compounds in finely divided state into briquettes as a substitute for lump ore in the natural state. Flue dust from steelmaking, containing rich iron as mill scale (70% by weight), is produced in large quantity annually. Mixed with sodium silicate and pressed into...

  • TD - Steelwork Sludge Briquetting Machine

    TD - Steelwork Sludge Briquetting Machine

    This page relates to the making of composite briquettes of iron and steel plant wastes by cold briquetting process. It’s a process for cold briquetting of steel plant by-products such as iron ore fines, flue dust, mill scale, coke fines, steel slag and the like with an improved binder matrix, consisting of a combination of different in-organic binders, to make composite briquettes. The briquettes obtained have adequate green strength,...