Terier ltd.

Company Terier s.r.o. produces machines (shredders, knives mills,grinders,...) and technological lines for solid waste recycling since 1992. Our designers designe machines and lines for solid waste processing and single purpose machines. We specialize in producing granulators and shredders varying in size from the smallest to the biggest. Granulators are produced acording to our 20 years experience wiht grinding plastic. They are used for recycling solid waste as plastic, leather, rubber, textile, paper, cables... Dimension of output flakes is acording to sieve (3-50 mm). Shredders are used for preshreding bulky waste or grinding huge amounts of solid waste (munincipal waste, incinerators, tyres, wood,...). Output pieces have dimension aprox. ((15-50) x (50-400)) mm.

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Hynaisova 75 , Liberec , CZ 46007 Czech Republic

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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)
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