Termokimik Corporation

Active since 1938, Termokimik Corporation is an engineering contracting and construction company specializing in the design, manufacturing, supply and installation of a wide range of processes and turn-key industrial plants in the field of environment control technologies. The Water Treatment Division designs and manufactures systems for the treatment of primary and secondary industrial water, aqueous process solutions and wastewater. Its activities include the whole range of problems in water treatment plants and all types of industries. It has accumulated a wealth of experience in the treatment of condensate, a field where Termokimik is one of the main actors: in an impressive number of stations all over the world condensate is treated with Termokimik systems.

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Via Flumendosa, 13 , Milan , 20132 Italy

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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

Thanks to all of the important projects realized in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa and thanks to the experience of its skilled technicians, Termokimik is seen as a key-partner by the main industries as well as Italian and international Utilities.

Constant commitment and a strong focus on innovation lead Termokimik to the leadership in secondary reduction systems of combustion pollutants coming from thermal power plants, incinerators and refineries, allowing Termokimik to become the focal point in these key sectors.

A streamlined and agile organization, a dedicated program for acquisition and development of new technologies, together with a continuous effort in research and development enable Termokimik to offer its Customers the best operational solutions, tailored to fit their needs, starting from plants design up to plants effective operation.

The company is composed of three divisions:

On September 10th 1938, Mr. Pio Castellani,  a man with an exceptional far-sightedness and strong entrepreneurial spirit of initiative, founded the Company, initially named C.E.C.A. (Carbonizzazione e Carboni Attivi) whose scope was the manufacture and the sale of absorbent products, gas cleaning and treatment equipment as well as industrial, distillation and rectification plants.

At the end of World War II, driven by its founder who had already foreseen the great opportunities that the environment pollution control market was ready to offer, the Company  diversifies and branches out by acquiring new technologies. Thanks to its founder’s  intuition, an in-house design and engineering research structure is created.

Given the increasing demand for turn-key industrial plants, in 1951 a systematic reorganization of the Company is carried out; the Company now becomes Termokimik Corporation Impianti e Procedimenti Industriali SPA. Driven by a constant development effort, the Company implements an ambitious scheme for the acquisition of advanced technologies and know-how, also thanks to several exclusive licensing agreements with American Companies. Thus Termokimik is organized into two distinct divisions: the Industrial Plants Division, dedicated to the design and realization of dust collection plants as well as of ash and bulk materials  handling and treatment systems, and the Automation Division, dedicated to the design and realization of automatic control systems.

At the end of the Fifties, thanks to the acquisition of important technologies in the water treatment field, the Company is now prepared to extend the range of services to be offered by creating a third division: the Water Treatment Division.

Successes obtained by its three divisions allow Termokimik to grow both in terms of  human resources and in terms of know-how, thanks to the creation of the Research and Development Division, staffed by highly qualified technicians.

Experience and the portfolio of technologies acquired have transformed Termokimik’s entrepreneurial spirit of the Thirties into a strong and skilled engineering Company, capable to realize a wide range of turn-key plants all over the world. Increasing registered and licensed patents are a prestigious heritage and a current asset of the Company.

After the loss of its Founder and Inspirer in 1977, the Company continues its activity with renewed strength and, under the expert guide of Mr. Gianluigi Castellani, Termokimik intensifies its efforts to increase its market share and acquires new technologies, especially on the market of energy services.

New agreements are signed with first-class Companies to obtain licenses for more innovative and efficient technologies.

Termokimik, now technologically stronger, is awarded contracts for very important projects, such as the realization of electrostatic precipitators and ash handling systems to be installed at Enel’s Brindisi Nord power plant and the realization of demineralization filters installed on the fuel tanks, filtrate and distillate demineralization plants and mechanical-recompression concentration plants to be installed on the new Enel’s Nuclear Power Plant at Montalto di Castro.

When the Italian government abandons the nuclear energy program in favour of the conventional coal-fired systems at the end of the Eighties, Termokimik acquires, searches and develops new environment pollution control technologies in order to have the necessary know-how in the field of  the reduction of SOx and NOx from flue gas.

During the Nineties, Termokimik adds to its technological heritage a technology for NOx reduction and, at the same time, the Company reaches an unrivalled experience in NOx reduction by means of SCR systems, a technology for which Termokimik is considered a leading Company all over the world.

The Automation Division is re-organized as in-house division of the Company, whereas a Waste to Energy & WasteTreatment Division is created to design and realize waste treatment and waste-to-energy plants as well as flue gas treatment plants to be installed on waste-to-energy units.

Once again, Termokimik is ready to face new challenges on a competitive market, proposing the state-of-the-art technical solutions.