terra-care Umwelttechnik

terra-care Umwelttechnik

In 2008 the company terra-care environmental engineering was evolved from Michele Anlagenbau which is a worldwide acting and in its industry branch well-known plant engineering and construction company. Since then terra-care delivers sustainable, biological and environmental engineering services. Our core businesses are the selective catalytic reduction for denitrification on the one hand and exhaust gas revers flow absorption scrubber on the other. In the field of SCR-technics we are specialized in all electrical power supply plants as well as waste management companies. Our catalysts are in use in central heating plants, waste incineration plants, combined heat and power stations and cement plants. The other main-field of our business is the clean-up of contaminated air. Therefor we resort to reverse flow absorptions scrubber, biotrickling filters and combined scrubber systems to solve your waste air pollution problem.

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Am Stadion 32 , Recklinghausen , 45659 Germany

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Engineering service provider
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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

inlet air scrubber

The terra care reverse current flow scrubbers are a high effective and secure process elements to achieve the governmental emission limits. Our scrubbers are applicable for waste air with unitary pollutants as well as harmful multi-component compositions.

With a view to the process our columns are equipped with structural packing material which increases the contact surface between solvent and wasted air.  Dependent on the air-composition an oxidant is added to the solvent to support the solubility and ensure the exact ph-value. By circular flow of solvent, low energy input, less revision efforts and minor operation costs are warranted.

The advantages of our revers current flow scrubbers are:

  • Low slip through the packed column

  • High removal efficiency due to high transposition area between solvent and wasted air
  • Low operating resources, energy and solvent costs

  • High efficiency factor with guaranteed emission values below governmental requirements

Biotrickling filter

Biotrickling filter use micro bacterial degradation processes for air-pollutant reduction. The technical field of application of this green process technology grew constantly so that nowadays they are implemented in the waste air treatment in many industry sections.

Reference to technical realization, ‘terra care’ trickling filter are vertical revers flow vapor phase reactors.  The degradation is provided by microbiological bacteria which settle on carrier material. Herewith our filters are able to biological decompose waste air compositions which contain e.g. NH3, H2S, VOCs, TOCs, aroma or odour.

Most considerable advantages of biotrickling filter are:

  • Low need of chemical operating fluids

  • Small energy input necessary
  • No bulk solid substitution costs

  • Low water consumption due to water circulation

  • Hazard-free operation

  • simple governmental approval

multi stage scrubber system

For extensive waste gas composition single stage scrubbers are not effectual. Therefor we realize multi-stage reverse current flow scrubbers whether with two chemical scrubber stages or with a combination of scrubber- and biotrickling filter-stages.

Typical areas of application are:

  • meat processing industry

  • Recycling industry

  • Paint-industry

  • Laboratories

  • Breeding farms

  • Chemical industrie

Typical waste air problems are compositions with hydrogen sulphide and ammoniac. For this purpose our engineers revert to a two-stage- cleaning system:

  1. Stage:  Chemical absorption of ammoniac in a revert current flow scrubber and neutralization with acid sulphur
  2. Stage:  Biological degradation of hydrogen sulphide by microbiological destruction processes

Generally our systems can execute all wasted air compositions with water soluble components. Our engineers are glad to provide advice in your specific waste-gas problem.


All fossil fuels combustion or burning processes are producing oxides of nitrogen. Hence the emission of waste air components is strictly regulated by the public authorities. For reduction of noxious substances in air, many cleaning procedures were developed. In combustion processes the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is used to eliminate oxides of reduction emissions. Most important component of the SCR-plant is the catalyst that provides a dropout of the intrinsic ionisation.

In the area of SCR and catalyst-management we are your helpful, professional and dynamic partner. We are specialized in all electrical power supply plants as well as waste management companies. Our catalysts are suitable for:

  • Central heating plants (Coal-burning power plants)
  • Gas-fired power plant
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Combined heat and power stations (block heating works)
  • Cement plants


The production of our catalysts for new installation as well as replacement takes place at the NANO Head plant in Sangju (Korea) by state-of-art method of production and ultra-modern machinery and equipment.  Among SCR Industry experts and customers all over the world NANO catalysts have an excellent reputation which is underlined by our significant reference list.

We would be glad to be your partner for either new equipment business or reloading of your SCR-systems.