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  • Data Management Services

    Data Management Services

    Environmental data are inclusive of the full spectrum of historical, current and future data collected for any site. This data has four main parts including: geological, geographical, ecological and analytical. Of these four parts, analytical is the most critical (accounting for up to 80% of environmental data) since it is in a constant state of measurement and change. The crisis today is the inability to effectively manage and control the volume of...

  • Data Entry Services

    Data Entry Services

    Our Data Management Team has extensive experience in data entry, and can help you overcome the daunting task of data entry. TerraBase Inc. provides guidance and/or services for manual and electronic data entry. After helping you identify and organize your data, we are very familiar with your long-term strategies for data organization and usability. Our manual and electronic data entry processes include a rigorous QA evaluation after the data is...

  • Data Validation Services

    Data Validation Services

    Our core expertise revolves around understanding analytical chemistry, and its real world application in the field of environmental data. Accordingly, we offer unmatched analytical data qualification and data validation services that meet or exceed regulatory and /or defensibility needs. Over several years, TerraBase Inc. has spent considerable resources developing, automating, and standardizing these capabilities in a niche that has long yearned for...

  • Document Management Services

    Document Management Services

    “How do I get my legacy data into your system?” This is probably the most common question people ask before purchasing a new data management system. The first step towards realizing a comprehensive database is research and organization. TerraBase Inc. can help you locate and identify existing digital and hardcopy data sets from any source. After the data sets are identified, we thoroughly review the data for accuracy, completeness and...