Terrafiniti LLP

Terrafiniti LLP

Terrafiniti are sustainability & CSR consultants. We will work with you to help make your business more sustainable and build long term value. Spot opportunities – stimulate innovation, develop strategy, structure your actions and drive operational efficiency in response to sustainability issues. Take action and engage employees – providing sustainability management systems, staff workshops and training, and information. Consolidate and communicate by – helping you bring stakeholders on board and providing best practice support for sustainability and CSR reporting. Our clients have included global companies and NGOs, national and international institutions, working in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

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Guildford Institute, Ward Street , Guildford , GU1 4LH GU1 4LH United Kingdom

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Consulting firm
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Globally (various continents)

Terrafiniti helps companies tackle their sustainability and CSR challenges with innovative, creative and effective tools that deliver results.

We are working with companies in new and radical ways to help develop strategic responses to build long-term value and uncover new opportunities.

With 40+ years collective experience in sustainability Terrafiniti's partners have worked with blue-chip companies, SMEs, NGOs and government agencies around the world.

Working with us

We have extensive experience, expertise and understanding and focus upon presenting complex issues as simply and clearly as possible with an emphasis on developing your capacity to build sustainable value.

Our approach is friendly and open, providing real advice and support that's useful. If we don't think we can help we'll say so.

We're always happy to discuss your requirements. We can sit down with you to review your needs and we'll provide an outline of how we can assist you – free of charge and without obligation.

We can work to your specific requirements and/or help develop project specifications and requirements. We usually work to an agreed specification/programme and provide regular communication on progress.


We believe that truly sustainable corporate practice is reliant upon a combination of tailored and specific consultancy expertise and advice and the inherent creativity and innovation which can already be found within organisations and their stakeholders. Therefore we provide consultancy support by helping to create a common understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities and the development of corporate competencies.

Together with this practical approach, we have a science and evidence-based background combined with an in-depth knowledge of policy and business practice putting us in a unique position to work on different projects and to provide policy makers and business strategists with insights drawn from this work based upon a detailed knowledge of the natural environment and socio-economic data for use in analysis and reporting.


Terrafiniti draws upon extensive experience in the theory and development of pragmatic, applied approaches to the challenges of sustainability within the UK, Europe and across the world.

Our partners have an unrivalled track record in the development of innovative approaches to corporate sustainability, working with some of the planet's largest businesses and NGOs.

We have been involved in a large range of natural environment and protected area projects including habitat inventory and mapping and resource mapping, planning and strategy.

By providing a unique mix of sustainability, business, ecological and stakeholder based approaches we can provide strategic insight and practical solutions.

Best practice, standards and guidance

We have been involved with or contributed to:

  • SIGMA Project, FORGE, BS8555, BS8900, ISO 26000, Hotel Benchmark
  • To Whose Profit? series
  • ACCA Judging
  • CAF Judging
  • RSA working group
  • PP4SD
  • Sustainability Action Network 
  • Development of best practice for the socio economic profiling of protected landscapes