terraSolutions has been established by young researchers that have passion for the nature conservation and the new technology terraSolutions is using tools and data like: Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS - QGIS) Databases (Microsoft Access - MySQL) Cartography (ArcGIS, Adobe InDesign) Web applications (leaflet app.) Earth Observation data (Aerial, Drone, Satellite) Biodiversity (open access data - survey data for marine and terrestrial/urban species) Scientific Diving Photography and Videography Non destructive tools for biodiversity measurements (Distance, Presence, Visual Census, Photoframes and Image Analysis) in order to fullfill projects related to: Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring Environmental Impact Assessment Seabed/Seascape mapping Documentary of local biodiversity Innovative Experiments in difficult environments Ecotourism Environmental Education We are open in challenges ! Just contact us and we discuss your needs and goals.

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Arximidous 63 , 71601 , Heraklion/Crete Greece

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Consulting firm
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Environmental - Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)