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Teseco S.p.A

Teseco S.p.A

The state of the environment is the result of human action, not to be used as a means for profit. TESECO is state of the art technology at the service of the environment. TESECO, the Italian leader in the environmental engineering sector, has been operating throughout the whole of Italy for over twenty years. Thanks to its cutting edge technology, years of hands-on experience and immediate intervention tactics, the company is able to efficiently organise and manage the recovery of industrial waste, contaminated land remediation and water treatment and purification. Its highly professional expertise and perfect reliability have made TESECO the first choice for a vast number of public bodies and private industries all over Italy.

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Via Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, 12 , Pisa , 56121 Italy
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Site Remediation
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Nationally (across the country)
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TESECO was founded in 1984.

The company was founded by Gualtiero Masini, who had the foresight to enter a sector in full expansion- that of services for environmental protection, by realising that as well as the considerable business potential, this field would provide enormous advantages for society in general.

From the very beginning, the company concentrated its efforts on innovation and sustainability in the fields of contaminated land remediation and special waste treatment.

Today TESECO is the Head Company of the TESECO group, which includes the following:

  • Marina Cala de' Medici: tourist and leisure port facilities;
  • Fondazione TESECO per l'Arte (The TESECO Art foundation) which manages the permanent Teseco art collection and organises contemporary art shows and events;
  • Cosimo Maria Masini : biodynamic vineyards and wine producers.
  • The company has branches in: Pisa, Turin, Milan, Trieste, Terni and Messina

When planning its projects, TESECO focuses on the setting up of a harmonious relationship between the local territory, industry and the environment. The company structure fully reflects these operating methods and approach: organisation of work groups, on-going training courses, technological research and development, and innovative solutions. Quality, safety, and the environment are the key factors in all TESECO projects and work processes, as demonstrated by the close attention paid to certification and respect for aspects of local historical and cultural merit. TESECO operates using a system based on Integrated Management System criteria through certification for Quality, Safety, and the Environment.

The TESECO company policy is based on strongly targeted objectives and strategic operations, carried out using Integrated Management Systems strongly focussed on the principles of sustainable development:

  • proactive methods
  • compliance with all current legislation;
  • improvement of existing standards;
  • accurate evaluation of each process and activity;
  • risk reduction and prevention;
  • continuous on-going personnel training;
  • Setting up and updating safety plan organisation;
  • comparability and communication between all stakeholders;
  • partnerships between suppliers and contractors.

In order to demonstrate its involvement in all aspects concerning the environment, project planning, and work and safety quality levels.