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  • Waste Products

    Waste Products

    TESECO is able to guarantee the most suitable disposal systems for a wide range of special waste products: Waste acids, Percolated waste, Sewage, Oily emulsions, Dust and ash, Contaminated solid industrial waste, Contaminated soil and transportable sludge, Solvents, Dangerous waste and waste containing PCB, Asbestos.

  • Land Remediation

    Land Remediation

    The company is able to offer a wide range of solutions in answer to various remediation and redevelopment problems. TESECO performs surveys and interventions both on and off site. Interventions in situ are areas where TESECO has made its largest contribution: using biologically based technology, the company is able to treat contaminated land directly on the site providing all the obvious environmental and economical advantages as well as contributing to...

  • Ecological Emergency

    Ecological Emergency

    TESECO provides immediate ecological emergency services throughout the whole Tuscan region. The intervention teams are composed of qualified personnel with the latest technological equipment able to deal with environmental emergencies such as leaking and spillage of contaminating materials in water, air or soil. The ecological emergency team is also equipped with a mobile emergency unit to ensure the safety of the contaminated zone and to prepare the...

  • Environmental Due Diligence

    Environmental Due Diligence

    TESECO also offers its expertise as a consultant in cases of company mergers or acquisition: (Merger & Acquisition - M&A), providing a service that includes surveys and identification of environmental risks and liabilities that could be caused by the industrial activities of the companies involved in the transactions.

  • Asbestos


    Many inhabited areas in Italy still have buildings containing asbestos, and removal projects are constantly continued according to current legislation (Legislative decree 257/2006). In Tuscany, for example, Arpa was appointed to carry out a complete mapping survey of the territory, performed through the distribution of notification forms to be filled out by factories, schools, hospitals, museums, and public buildings of various categories.

  • IMS Certification Consultancy

    IMS Certification Consultancy

    Planning an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, and Safety is a long and complex process as it requires the cooperation and involvement of the whole work and managerial staff of a company.