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Testwell Instruments

TESTWELL is a leading designer and manufacturer of groundwater monitoring instrumentation. We have built our business and our reputation by developing rugged, dependable, accurate instruments that deliver precision and quality at a fair price, and supported by the best service in the industry. We are located in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Since 1990, Testwell Instruments Inc has grown to reach around the globe. We use state of the art design and the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies. We combine them with high-tech materials to ensure Testwell products provide years of dependable service. Oil/Water Interface Meters. Water Level Meters.

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165 Rexway Drive , Georgetown , Ontario L7G 1S2 Canada
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Soil and Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)
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Best Value by Design
Welcome to Testwell Instruments, home of the only meters that always combine two functions in a single instrument for the exact same cost of a comparable instrument.

Testwell’s “2 in1” SMART Water Level Meter and total well depth instrument saves you $450 US in purchasing costs and reduces sampling time by about 50%. It can also be ordered with a pump control option for an extra $99 US. This draw down function also prevents pumps from running dry while ensuring EPA sampling protocols are followed.

Testwell’s “2 in 1” SMART Oil/Water Interface Meter incorporates a draw down and pump alarm feature also at no extra cost. A pump controller option is also available to turn a pump on and off at no extra charge. The SMART meter will control any pump to pump only water or only product, or any fluid based on field selectable user references.

As part of our ongoing product development and assessment, Testwell Instruments will also provide either of the above units as a demo unit at no charge for 24 hours. If you decide you need the unit for a few extra days, rental rates will be 50% less than average market value.

Since 1993, we have been manufacturing the most accurate, durable all aluminum reels ranked number one by the University of Michigan. Today, we remain the most innovative and best value on the market.


Best Value by Design, has been Testwell's philosophy for over 20 years.

Since 1993, we have been designing the most durable and innovative water level meters ever on the market. Designed to help engineers find the reels after a long day in the field, Testwell's once unique all-aluminum yellow reels have today become an industry standard; our bright yellow colour solving the common sense problem of red, blue and grey reels that are difficult to see in low light conditions. Our initial SST water level meter today remains one of the most durable probes ever sold. The probe’s external features were eventually copied by major competitors but lacked the internal redundant seals, and were subject to high failure rates.

After two years of redesigning and testing a suitable alternative Testwell regained market share with a similar redundant back up sealing system that was even more cost effective for the user. During these two years the new design was tested by dealers in the rental market to simulate heavy usage. With zero failures of the newest design during the two year test period, it became the defacto industry standard soon after hitting the market.

With a team approach to product design, we integrate every aspect from experienced engineers, professional scientists, and the invaluable support and feedback of skilled repair technicians where our instruments are rented.