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  • Hazardous Waste Solutions

    Tetronics uses its patented Plasma Arc technology at the core of our waste recovery plants, offering in many cases a near zero waste outcome and recovery of usable materials. Our waste solutions are capable of treating a range of organic and inorganic hazardous wastes. Tetronics hazardous waste management solutions support companies with: the disposal of hazardous waste, treatment of hazardous waste, hazardous waste recycling, industrial waste treatment, the disposal of industrial waste and

  • Abestos-Containing Material Management

    Abestos-Containing Material Management

    Tetronics’ plasma systems use intense temperatures to combat the asbestos hazard, where other technologies fail. Plasma heat is used to melt the individual asbestos fibres, which eliminates its ability to cause detrimental harm to human health.Tetronics offer a world leading solution to dealing with one of the biggest hazardous waste problems – asbestos waste management and disposal.

  • Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents Destruction

    Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents Destruction

    Immobilising and destroying chemical & biological warfare agents. Tetronics’ plasma technology is the ideal solution for destroying chemical and biological warfare agents and their precursors, not only because of its tolerance to different waste material types but also crucially because of its ability to transform these incredibly harmful wastes into a stable vitrified material. Tetronics is a world leader is providing solutions for...

  • Enormous Cost Saving Potential for Nuclear Waste Management

    Enormous Cost Saving Potential for Nuclear Waste Management

    Enormous cost saving potential for nuclear waste disposal. Tetronics has a strong track record of working within the nuclear industry over the last 10 years on a range of demonstration and R&D activities, and especially in the area of intermediate level waste. These activities indicate huge cost savings on the nuclear waste management and nuclear waste disposal.

  • Organic Waste Management Services

    Organic Waste Management Services

    Superior destruction efficiency treating organic waste. Tetronics’ technology is capable of treating organic wastes including Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and other types of Persistent, Bio‐accumulative, and Toxic (PBT) pollutants at very high efficiencies across a wide range of concentrations. Tetronics offers a world leading solution for organic waste disposal and contaminated land solutions.

  • Flexible Treatment of Petrochemical and Oil Waste Disposal

    Flexible Treatment of Petrochemical and Oil Waste Disposal

    Treatment of petrochemical wastes using Tetronics’ plasma technology offers commercial advantage over existing waste management options whilst reducing landfill liabilities and ensuring the conservation of natural resources. Tetornics offers a clean and cost effective solution for oil waste disposal and petrochemical waste management.

  • Robust Solution to Spent Potliner

    Robust Solution to Spent Potliner

    Robust solution to spent potliner: Tetronics offers a safe and permanent treatment solution for Spent Potliner (SPL), thereby overcoming one of the biggest challenges faced by the global primary aluminium production sector. Tetronics’ robust solution delivers leading environmental credentials for the management of this highly problematic waste stream.

  • Services & Support

    With five decades of experience in developing and delivering plasma systems, Tetronics’ track record in advanced environmental material treatment and resource recovery processes has resulted in more than 90 installations across a wide and varied range of applications.

  • Spares for Waste Treatment Plants

    Spares for Waste Treatment Plants

    Tetronics' waste treatment facilities and recovery plants are built with a robust level of construction and minimal number of moving components in order to deliver outstanding plant longevity. When new or replacement parts are required, Tetronics make themselves available to our customers to fulfil any requests as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure minimal disruption to a working plant. Customers can rest assured that when sourcing any...

  • Field Services for Waste Treatment Plants

    Field Services for Waste Treatment Plants

    Tetronics maintains a Field Service Team for the purpose of installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and in rare instances, repair of equipment. Our multi-faceted, highly qualified field team has vast experience applying the technology to an unrivalled range of applications.

  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    Tetronics is able to provide a wide range of technical support throughout all stages of project development to ensure efficient integration of your plasma system with the balance of your plant. Our highly experienced process engineers are on hand to assist you in designing a specialised process. In particular, offering advice on how best to incorporate a plasma system into your process, either through the supply of a new plant or...

  • Other

  • Waste to Energy and Fuels

    Waste to Energy and Fuels

    Our solution which produces energy from waste is supplied via our partner, Advanced Plasma Power (APP). Working with Tetronics, APP has developed the Gasplasma process, a clean, modular and scalable advanced waste to energy and fuels technology which delivers high efficiencies whilst minimising...

  • Commercial Process

    Commercial Process

    Tetronics experience and technical expertise ensures all of our clients benefit from industry leading levels of support and advice throughout their journey from order placement to installation and commissioning as well as ongoing service and support. We offer a simple yet comprehensive step-by-step process that is flexible enough to be tailored to a client’s specific need.

  • Resource Recovery Solutions

    Tetronics International are the global leader in the supply of clean plasma systems for a wide range of resource recovery applications. Our recovery solutions offer class leading recovery rates and are perfectly suited to treat a range of waste streams, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Electronic for E-Waste Recovery Management Services

    Electronic for E-Waste Recovery Management Services

    Mining the e-waste mountain: Tetronics’ plasma recovery technology provides a global, yet localised solution for recovering valuable precious metals from the World’s fasted growing waste stream – e-Waste. Tetronics are a world leader in providing solutions for electronics recycling.

  • Ores/Mining Waste Treatment

    Ores/Mining Waste Treatment

    30 years’ experience in recovering value from mining ores. Tetronics patented DC arc technology has for many years offered an alternative approach to resource recovery that is capable of managing the challenges of treating and destroying any hazardous elements within the mine ores and tailings, whilst further refining the mining spoils for the extraction of valuable materials.

  • Spent Catalyst Waste Treatment

    Spent Catalyst Waste Treatment

    Recovering maximum value from spent catalysts. Tetronics plasma recovery technology has been used for decades to deliver rapid returns from the recovery of Precious Metal (PMs), especially Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from spent catalysts with class leading recovery rates and the lowest environmental impact and cost base. Tetronics are a world leader in catalyst recovery technology.

  • Steel Plant Waste Treatment

    Steel Plant Waste Treatment

    Tetronics has extensive experience using their plasma technology to treat steel plant wastes and other base metal bearing industrial and urban wastes, allowing value to be obtained from wastes that would otherwise not be considered as a viable resource and would therefore be disposed of in landfill or stockpiled. Tetronics offer world leading solutions for steel waste recycling.